Why do we fear our future? Fear a Helping Tool/ Guide

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Fear is in human nature. If somebody says he/she doesn’t fear anything, then they are lying. We humans constantly fear our future which leads to overthinking and then results in stress or depression. But if observe carefully we can turn fear into a helping tool.

Why do we fear our future?

The sense of insecurity does not allow us to enjoy our present. People say thinking is good, but overthinking is terrible. But in my case, mulling over some thoughts sometimes makes you so frustrated that you get the courage to understand the real problem.

Most of the time, problems are never real. Everybody who wanted something got it at the right time. Even if you observe your life consciously, you will find that what you have is the same thing you desired. If not then you are in the process to get it.

While talking with my friend, I found how aimlessly most youth is pursuing their career. They do not have any guidance or direction to know what they want to do. They only want to have a good job with a good salary to meet their needs and few desires. In my observation, they all got what they wanted.

Still, people are not happy; they want something more. So, is it greed or natural human nature to always want something more than we have? No matter how much we earn, it always feels lesser than required.

Fear a Helping Tool or Guide

Overthinking I guess comes from the fear that is intrinsic to us. Fear is not always negative. It is the best tool for self-realisation. Fear can become the tool to do the required things if taken positively. For example, if a student is afraid of their exam, the only possible solution is to start studying for the exams, instead of taking stress over it.

Secondly, if an employee needs to get a promotion, they must learn new skills that make them different. Sometimes normal speaking skills can do wonders. Similarly, different problems can have different simple solutions. But our incapacity to see things in the full picture led us to fear the invisible, turning into stress or anxiety.

Jess Bezos has said ‘Stress doesn’t come from hard work. Stress primarily comes from not taking over something that you can have some control over.’

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