2023 WhatsApp Scam: New ‘Rs 50 per Like Scam’ on WhatsApp

One of the most recent scams is the “Rs. 50 per like” WhatsApp scam. Scammers are luring young people with promises of earning Rs. 5,000 per day simply by liking YouTube videos.

Scammers exploit people’s need for additional income, unemployment, and layoffs by offering phoney job opportunities like receiving Rs. 50 for watching a YouTube video.

These con artists entice victims with promises of quick cash, such as earning up to Rs. 5,000 per day for watching or liking YouTube videos, using platforms like WhatsApp.

They ask for personal information in order to process payments, and occasionally they will also demand payment in exchange for access to the fake job.

The “Rs. 50 per like” WhatsApp scam is one of the newest tricks being used. Scammers are luring young people with claims that they can make Rs. 5,000 per day by simply liking YouTube videos.

What’s the latest WhatsApp Scam?

In order to reserve a spot for you in a job opportunity with limited openings, scammers first send you a message. If you are interested, you must reply. when the victim responds by enquiring about the nature of the job?

Scammers claim that all you have to do to get paid is “LIKE the videos on YouTube” in order to receive payment of Rs. 50 per liked video.

Please keep in mind that generating fake likes on YouTube is a common business model, which is typically handled by bot farms running bogus accounts. The victim of this WhatsApp scam, however, is YOU, not advertisers or YouTube algorithms.

These WhatsApp scammers will almost always pretend to be representatives of a global internet or social media company that you have never heard of.

To hook the victim, the scammers will even pay a small amount, such as Rs. 150, for ‘Completing three tasks,’ sending three YouTube video links and asking you to like them and send screenshots back.


Everybody knows that looking for a job can be a difficult time, but scammers are now preying on people’s financial hardships.

Please keep in mind that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Use caution and only install authorised apps.

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