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The Valorant Map Rotation is on the brink of change, and speculations are rife that the beloved Pearl map might make a comeback, possibly as soon as December. As players eagerly await this return, it’s crucial to know which Agents shine on this unique battlefield.

Choosing the right Agents in Pearl is the key to securing those glorious victories. Let’s dive into the world of Valorant and unveil the top-performing Agents in the picturesque Portuguese city.

Why Pearl Is Special

Pearl, the underwater city map, has captured the hearts of players since its initial release. With rumors swirling about its imminent return alongside Icebox, the anticipation among players is palpable.

To ensure you’re well-prepared, it’s vital to identify the best Agents for Pearl. Random Agent selections on this map can be detrimental to your win rate, and we certainly want to avoid that scenario.


In the following sections, we’ll introduce you to five exceptional Agents who have consistently outperformed others on Pearl.

Their suitability for this map is determined by a combination of factors, including their win rate and the utility and strategic value they bring to the team.

Raze – The Explosive Duelist

Kicking off our list with a duelist is a smart move, given the continued popularity of this role in public games. Raze not only falls within the current meta but stands as a super-meta choice. Until a new duelist steps into the spotlight, Raze remains the quintessential pick for any team.

On Pearl, she excels, capitalizing on the abundance of tight areas that allow her to unleash her explosive potential.

Her utility kit, featuring a satchel, a boom bot for safe scouting, and two other potent abilities, makes her a formidable choice for players looking to secure victory in the confined spaces of Pearl.

Sage – The Reliable Healer

Sage, the ever-dependable healer, maintains a steady pick rate across all maps. On Pearl, she proves to be a valuable asset to any team.

While her win rate has experienced a recent decline, Pearl’s return could rekindle the hopes of dedicated Sage mains.

Similar to Raze, Sage thrives in Pearl’s tight corners, employing her Orb and Wall to control critical areas on both the Defender and Attacker sides.

Skye – The Tactical Maestro

The pros have recently showcased Skye’s power in the right hands and how well she complements the current meta. If Pearl makes its triumphant return to the Map Rotation, her win rate is bound to soar even higher.

Skye’s ability to flash tight and unexpected angles aligns perfectly with the layout of Pearl, making her the go-to Agent for this unique map.

Viper – The Sneaky Strategist

Like Skye, Viper has gained immense popularity among professional players in the later stages of the season. In maps like Pearl, Viper feels like a secret weapon, as her toolkit allows her to create chaos in various gimmicky spots, leaving opponents bewildered.

As one of the premier Initiator Agents in Valorant, Pearl’s potential resurgence might necessitate some minor adjustments, as the meta doesn’t favor overpowered Agents.

Cypher – The Unexpected Contender

Cypher, the unconventional choice, surprises many. However, Cypher mains have found Pearl to be their playground for an unusual reason with just over 2,000 credits, Cypher can work wonders on the A site.

His two Trapwires, a Spy Cam at the Main Entrance, and an Ares, have left countless opponents scratching their heads as Cypher methodically eliminates them while they cluelessly attempt to enter the site.

These are just a few of the tricks up Cypher’s sleeve on Pearl. With more than a month until the potential return of Pearl, having these five Agents in your arsenal will provide ample time to prepare and showcase your dominance on this unique map.

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