Tips to avoid online shopping scams

Holiday Shopping Season is going to start and like genuine websites, many fake sites are also becoming ready to take the advantage of the coming festival sale season.

Generally, scammers target people using extensive ads campaign that they run on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

They also avail the services of Google Ads and run their ad campaign all over the internet.

We don’t want scammers to ruin your Holiday Shopping Season and take the advantage of people’s innocence and ignorance. 

Tips to avoid online shopping scams and shield yourself from scams.

Only make purchases on legitimate online shops. Don’t get wooed by Ads running on Social Media. Avoid direct purchases on social media platforms

Check the Background of the Website. Search for reviews, ratings, and comments about the online shop.

Check whether their owner information is shared on the website or not.

Use genuine payment methods. Standard payment processing networks such as Visa and Mastercard can offer more secure transactions.

Never click on links or attachments from unknown sources. If possible, register through the official website or contact customer service directly for assistance.

Scammers encourage shoppers to use payment methods other than those listed on shopping sites or marketplaces, such as Bank transfers or cash applications such as Venmo to complete transactions.

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