Beware of Online Shopping Scams!

Holiday Shopping Season is going to start and like genuine websites, many fake sites are also becoming ready to take the advantage of the coming festival sale season.

People whole year wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Sale, Christmas and New Year to enjoy the best shopping season of the year.

But a wise person knows how to earn money from the right place, he/she also should know to spend it in the right place.

Generally, scammers target people using extensive ads campaign that they run on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

They also avail the services of Google Ads and run their ad campaign all over the internet.

If an ad run on any legit social media website or any other site (including ours) don’t trust them.

Holiday Shoppers must always check the background of that website, particularly those that are new, unpopular and offer too good to be true deals.

We don’t want scammers to ruin your Holiday Shopping Season and take the advantage of people’s innocence and ignorance.

Scams to Look Out for this Holiday Shopping Season

1. Fake Online Clothing Shops

2. Fake Online Website using some Brand Name

3. SMS/ Email Phishing

4. Fake Shipment Notification

5. E-skimming

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