VP Purchases Are Failing

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A significant hurdle VP Purchases Are Failing has marred the experience for players as they encounter difficulties purchasing Valorant Points (VP), the in-game currency essential for acquiring cosmetic items.

The highly anticipated release of Valorant Episode 8: Defiance on January 9, 2024, has brought excitement to the gaming community with its new content, including the introduction of the Outlaw weapon.

VP Purchase Issue

Upon launching the Riot client and navigating to the Valorant tab, players are greeted with a message acknowledging the ongoing issue of failed VP purchases.

This problem prevents gamers from accessing the latest cosmetic additions introduced in Episode 8 Act 1, such as the Battlepass with fresh skinlines and the enticing Kuronami bundle.

Technical Difficulty In Valorant History

Valorant has not been a stranger to technical challenges in the past. In March 2023, players in India and South Asia faced a similar setback when they were unable to use UPI for in-game content purchases.

Riot Games successfully addressed and resolved that issue after nearly a month, restoring the ability for South Asian and Indian gamers to purchase VP directly.

Current Status

As of now, the official social media handle for Valorant has not provided any comments on the ongoing VP purchase glitch. However, a message within the Riot client assures players that the developers are actively working to resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, the note does not specify a timeline for when the problem might be fixed, leaving players eagerly awaiting a solution.

Expectations Based On Past Precedent

Given the historical context of the UPI-related issue in March 2023, players can anticipate a relatively prompt resolution to the current VP purchase problem.

Riot Games has a track record of addressing and rectifying such technical challenges efficiently. Despite the inconvenience, fans are hopeful that the developers will soon eliminate the obstacles preventing them from enjoying the new cosmetic items introduced in Episode 8 Act 1.


While Valorant Episode 8: Defiance brings a wave of fresh content and excitement, the current VP purchase issue serves as a reminder of the technical hurdles that can accompany major updates.

As players patiently wait for a resolution, the vibrant community remains optimistic that Riot Games will swiftly address and fix the glitch, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the latest offerings from their beloved hero-based shooter.