VCT Pacific LCQ Power Rankings (2023)

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In the realm of record-breaking achievements and intense excitement in the LCQ journey to the esteemed Champions event, let us delve into the standings on VCT Pacific LCQ Power Rankings table.

Power Rankings serve as commendable indicators of a team’s current prowess and form. This evaluation will be entirely grounded in statistical data.

As the final days of LCQ Pacific draw near, the curtain shall soon unveil the fortunate few who will embark on their journey to Los Angeles, where they shall contend for the esteemed Champions 2023 Title.

VCT Pacific LCQ Power Rankings

We have provided the vct pacific lcq power ranking as of 2023, july below:

DetonatioN FocusMe

DetonatioN, with less than a year of playing experience and an underwhelming roster, is currently positioned at the lowest rank in this qualifier’s Power Rankings.

Their VCT Pacific League performance concluded in the last position, and they were eliminated in the Round 1 single-elimination match.

Global Esports

Despite boasting one of the higher average ages among players, Global Esports encountered challenges in their performance both before and during this LCQ. Finishing 8th in their league, they had to make a player swap just before the LCQ commenced.

In their solitary match played during this event, they finished both maps with a 13-10 score but fell short to RRQ in the Quarter Finals.

Talon Esports

Having secured the 9th spot in their league, Talon’s prospects weren’t particularly promising entering the LCQs. However, they kicked off in high gear by dominating DetonatioN FM with a 2-0 victory.

The subsequent match was a fiercely contested Bo3 against Gen G, which they narrowly lost in the Decider. Overall, their performance was commendable, and we can anticipate even greater feats from them in the forthcoming season.

Rex Regum Qeon

The distinction between the 3rd and 4th place is minute. RRQ participated in the historic 40-round Map during their game against ZETA.

This record-breaking match exemplified one of RRQ’s finest showings this season, putting them on the cusp of the top-3 in this Power Ranking.

Gen.G Esports

Although RRQ outperformed Gen.G overall and demonstrated a superior power structure in this LCQ, the latter’s fortune in the brackets and ongoing fight for a spot secured them the third place.

Gen.G, securing the 4th position in the League, was widely regarded as the team with a significant chance of obtaining a slot in this LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier).

Team Secret

A formidable force in the LCQ, Team Secret could have held the pole position for the Champions 2023 slot if not for their match against ZETA.

They settled for the 5th place in their league, trailing behind Gen.G, and in this LCQ, they are performing admirably, which bodes well for their chances in the grand finals should they secure a victory against Gen.G.


Incomparable and indisputable, ZETA stands as the dominant force in this LCQ, and none have come close to matching their performance in this qualifier.

Their record-breaking triumph against RRQ, alongside Dep’s Lan Kill record, attests to their readiness and fiery determination.

Presently, they find themselves in the Grand Finals, poised to be the next team to pack their bags and join the elite in Los Angeles come August.

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