Van 152 Error | Best Ways To Fix It

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Many players are facing the VAN 152 error code after recent patch updates. which is a type of valorant connection error. In this article we will tell you ways you can fix the valorant van 152 error code.

Valorant has received numerous updates since the day of its release, and with each update, there are always some glitches and bugs.

From the maps to the agents and game modes, when valorant does some updates, there are some bugs that come with it, which is common in games. Recently, many people have been facing this van 152 bug which makes players unable to play.

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What Is Van 152 Error Code ?

Valorant van 152 error is a type of connection error that occurs when you have been using a third party software and it means you have got a Hardware id Ban (HWID).

It is somewhat different to the 152 error code and is not the same. This means that Valorant has marked your PC as malicious.

This is because you might be using third party software in valorant or VPN’S. Because of this, valorant has banned your system and an HWID ban can last up to 4 months.

If you have been using hacks or other software which can lead to banning of your hardware id, then sorry there is no solution for you.

But if you are getting this error without any usage of third party software or VPN’s, then don’t worry.

Many people are getting this error after the recent updates where this van 152 error message pops up when a player logs in or in between matches.

After you have known the cause of this valorant van 152 error code, let’s jump onto solutions of how you can fix this error code.

How To Fix Valorant Van 152 Error

We have found Some fixes for the van 152 error in valorant. You can apply all of these and possibly fix this error.

Van 152 FIX 1: Restart Your Riot Client

Van 152 FIX 1: Restart Your Riot Client image

First open task manager, To do that, press Win + X. It will display the menu and click on the task manager or by Pressing alt + ctrl + Delete and from there select task manager.

From there, go to the process tab, and in the process tab, find the riot client and right click on it and press the end task button.

Van 152 FIX 2: Check That VGC Startup Is Enabled

Van 152 FIX 2: Check That VGC Startup Is Enabled image

Go to the run by pressing windows + R. It will open the run. In Run, type in “MSCONFIG“. It will open the msconfig utility.

Click on the services tab in Config Utility and look for VGC in that service tab. and enable it if it has been disabled.

Press the apply button after enabling VGC if disabled, and it will save the setting. A pop-up will appear. Click on the restart button and check that van 152 is gone or not.

Van 152 FIX 3: Troubleshoot the riot client

Van 152 FIX 3: Troubleshoot the riot client image

Go to the valorant folder where you saved valorant in your system or right-click on the valorant icon on your desktop, and then select the open file location option.

In that folder, search for valorant client services and right-click on it and click on the troubleshoot compatibility option.

In the troubleshooter, click on the troubleshoot program and after that, on the next tab, click on “The Program Requires Additional Permissions” and hit the next button.

Click on “Test The Program” and press “Next” and select “Yes” after that, save the settings and restart your computer.

Van 152 FIX 4: VPN And Game Boosters

Van 152 FIX 4: VPN And Game Boosters image

If you are using VPN and Game Boosters, try to disable them as valorant anti-cheat detects some of them as third party software and thinks that you are trying to use them as a cheat, so try to disable them and check whether the error is gone or not.

van 152 FIX 5: Submit A Ticket On Valorant Support Page

van 152 FIX 5: Submit A Ticket On Valorant Support Page image

The last thing you can do to resolve this problem is to submit a support ticket on the Valorant support page.

When you are on the Valorant support page, login to your Valorant account by entering your username and password or by directly logging in from Google and other options.

After you have logged in to your valorant account, click on the “submit a ticket” and click on the appropriate request type.

After that, you will be headed to the valorant sumbit a request page. Fill in all the details and press submit.

Explain them about your problems and hopefully they will resolve thier request or you can wait till some updates that will resolve this van 152 issue.

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