Valorant’s Episode 8 Introduces Outlaw: A Game-Changer or Frustration in the Making?

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Valorant enthusiasts, gear up for a thrilling Episode 8 as Riot Games introduces its first-ever weapon addition to the game the Outlaw. The leaked details have set the community abuzz with excitement and some concerns. Let’s delve into what makes the Outlaw special and how it might impact the current Valorant meta.

Valorant’s Episode 8 Introduces Outlaw Gun

In Episode 8, players can expect a unique addition to their arsenal with the Outlaw. Not only is it Valorant’s inaugural new weapon, but its hybrid design, blending elements of a sniper and a shorty, has sparked diverse opinions among the player base.

The leaked images of the Outlaw showcase a weapon that seems tailor-made for sniper enthusiasts. The intriguing twist, however, lies in its ability to shoot two bullets simultaneously, reminiscent of the shorty.

The burning question on everyone’s mind is whether the Outlaw will prove effective in both long-distance engagements and medium-range skirmishes.

Outlaw Gun

Outlaw Price and Damage Stats

One aspect that sets the Outlaw apart is its price point and damage output. Priced at 2400 credits, it delivers a hefty 140 body damage.

Positioned between the cost of standard buy-round weapons and those commonly used in eco or bonus rounds, the Outlaw offers a unique balance that may impact the popularity of other weapons like the Guardian.

Guardian vs. Outlaw

A noteworthy comparison emerges when looking at the pricing of the Guardian, which aligns closely with the Outlaw.

This suggests that players who typically opt for the Guardian to save credits might now lean towards the Outlaw, potentially diminishing the Guardian’s popularity in certain situations.

Outlaw Countering Light Shields

The rise of the Light Shield strategy in esports and ranked matches has been undeniable. Players, particularly pros, often combine a Light Shield with a buy-round weapon for that crucial first headshot.

However, the Outlaw’s game-changing attribute comes into play here. With its 140-body damage on a shot, the Outlaw provides a swift solution against Light Shield users, even at a distance.

This has ignited debates within the community, questioning whether the Outlaw is a welcome counter to the prevailing Light Shield meta or merely another source of frustration.


Valorant’s Episode 8 approaches, the anticipation surrounding the Outlaw continues to grow. Will it redefine the meta, offering a strategic alternative to established weapons, or will it introduce new challenges and frustrations?

Only time will tell, and the Valorant community is poised on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the official release of the Outlaw and its impact on the game.