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Valorant Settings 2023

If you are also a valorant player and are looking for various players’ valorant settings, this page can help you find various player’s valorant settings.

On this page, you will find many esports player and streamer Valorant Settings, like Tenz, Yay, Shroud, Tariq, and many more.

We’ve also provided crosshair codes to all players we have listed on this Valorant Settings page, which you can simply copy and paste and import into your game.

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Valorant Settings

Other than crosshair codes, we have mentioned all the other main settings of various valorant players.

Mouse Settings which includes Mouse DPI, Mouse Sensitivity, Mouse eDPI, Mouse Hz, Scoped Sensitivity, Windows Sensitivity, and Raw Input Buffer.

keybind settings which includes Movement Settings, Weapons & Melee, Equip & Use Ability.

Crosshair settings which includes his crosshair settings and crosshair codes.

Map Settings which includes Rotate / Fixed Orientation, Keep Player Centered, Minimap Size, Minimap Zoom, Show map region names, Minimap vision cones.

Video Settings which includes General Settings, Graphics Quality.

We have listed all the PC configurations and gear that the player uses.

Valorant Settings Player’s List

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