A guide to Valorant settings in 2023, providing information on various professional players' Mouse, Keybind, Crosshair, Map, and Video settings. The guide includes detailed information on how to optimize these settings for better accuracy, precision, and situational awareness in the game. The guide also provides crosshair codes to import into the game and customize settings to individual preferences.

Valorant Settings 2023

Welcome, fellow Valorant player You know the importance of fine-tuning every aspect of your gameplay, from your aim to your movement. And if you’re looking to up your game in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. This is the ultimate guide to finding your perfect Valorant Settings.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of esports players and streamers, including big names like Tenz, Yay, Shroud, and Tariq, and their valorant settings.

We’ve also provided crosshair codes to all players we have listed on this Valorant Settings page, which you can simply copy and paste and import into your game.

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Valorant Settings

We have mentioned all the other main valorant settings of various valorant players including Mouse Settings, Keybind Settings, Crosshair Settings, Map Settings and Video Settings.

  • Mouse Settings – Your mouse sensitivity can make or break your aim and movement. We’ve got detailed information on everything from Mouse DPI to Mouse eDPI to Mouse Hz to Scoped Sensitivity and more. By adjusting these settings to your liking, you can achieve optimal control and accuracy.
  • keybind Settings – These are essential for executing different actions in the game, from moving to shooting to using abilities. We’ve got a comprehensive overview of various players’ keybind settings, including Movement Settings, Weapons & Melee, and Equip & Use Ability. Customize your keybinds to your playstyle and improve your reaction time.
  • Crosshair Settings – Crosshair customization is another crucial aspect of Valorant settings. It determines your aim and precision. We’ve got info on various players’ crosshair settings and codes so you can import their setup. Experiment with different crosshair shapes, colors, sizes, and outlines to find the perfect combination for you.
  • Map Settings – Map settings play a vital role in situational awareness and navigation. We’ve got a detailed overview of different players’ map settings, including Rotate / Fixed Orientation, Keep Player Centered, Minimap Size, Minimap Zoom, Show map region names, and Minimap vision cones. Adjust these settings to your preferences to enhance your game sense and avoid getting caught off guard.
  • Video Settings – These can significantly impact your performance, affecting your FPS and input lag. We’ve got information on various players’ video settings, including General Settings and Graphics Quality. Optimize your video settings according to your system’s capabilities to improve your gameplay and reduce visual distractions.

Valorant Settings Player’s List (2023)

These are the valorant settings of various esports players from around the world who play in valorant.

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