Valorant Pro sicK Moves To Kick After Threatening To Sue Twitch

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This article explores sicK transition, his grievances with twitch, and the concerns raised by the Valorant community regarding his well-being.

Valorant pro player Hunter “sicK” Mims has recently faced a two-week ban from twitch, Leading him to seek a new streaming platform. Kick has become his chosen destination, Where he hopes to continue his streaming career.

sicK’s Migration To Kick

After being banned from Twitch, sicK has embraced Kick as his new streaming platform. He praises Kick’s user interface for its cleanliness and appreciates the platform’s perceived lack of restrictive rules.

In contrast to Twitch’s unresponsive support, sicK has already received outreach from Kick’s staff, hinting at potential sponsorship opportunities. Furthermore, sicK is in discussions with Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, indicating his commitment to establishing a presence on Kick.

sicK’s Discontent With Twitch

sicK’s dissatisfaction with Twitch’s ban and support system has led him to consider legal action against the platform. He questions the validity of the ban and appeals to Twitch Support for assistance, claiming innocence.

sicK’s tweets express his frustration with the ban, emphasizing his influence within the gaming community. He finds it unreasonable to refrain from streaming for another two weeks and suggests the possibility of suing Twitch if the ban persists.

Uncertainty Surrounding The Ban

The exact reasons behind sicK’s two-week ban on Twitch remain undisclosed. Moreover, sicK’s recent tweets have raised concerns among his fans, as they appear erratic and unpredictable.

It is unclear whether sicK’s behavior is intended to troll the community or if there are underlying issues affecting his well-being. Although he has mentioned seeking help, no updates regarding his efforts have been shared thus far.

The Arrest And Twitter Activity

On May 9, sicK faced arrest for criminal trespassing, marking a significant event preceding his ban from Twitch. Since his release, sicK has been actively posting on Twitter, claiming that the FBI is pursuing him.

Notably, he has directed tweets at United States President Joe Biden, generating further speculation about his mental state.

Concerned members of the Valorant community have urged sicK to step away from Twitter and seek professional help, highlighting the need for him to prioritize his well-being.

Final Thoughts

Hunter “sicK” Mims’ recent ban from Twitch has prompted him to transition to the streaming platform Kick. While he appreciates the features and potential opportunities offered by Kick, sicK remains discontented with Twitch’s ban and support system.

The reasons behind the ban are yet to be clarified, and sicK’s subsequent Twitter activity has raised concerns among his fans. As the situation unfolds, it is crucial for sicK to prioritize his mental well-being and seek appropriate assistance to address any underlying issues he may be facing.

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