Valorant New Map: Players Believe Next Map Will Showcase A Major Us City

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In the ever-evolving world of valorant, The introduction of valorant new map has led riot games to adopt a rotating map pool. However, Sharp-eyed players have discovered a pattern that allows them to anticipate the location of the upcoming map.

This secret lies within the rewards of episode seven, Act one’s battle pass. Specifically, The player cards obtained by leveling up have provided valuable hints about the next map’s setting.

Based on these clues, Avid valorant players are convinced that the game’s next map will transport them to the vibrant city of los angeles, The host destination for the highly anticipated valorant champions 2023 event.

Valorant New Map – The Golden Hour Card And Its Clues

Among the assortment of player cards, one card in particular has caught the attention of the community: Golden Hour.

Depicting a sun-soaked street adorned with palm trees and houses that bear resemblance to the beloved Mission Revival architectural style prevalent in California, this card ignites speculation.

A prominent building perched on a hill overlooks the residential area, bearing a striking resemblance to the iconic Griffith Observatory, a hallmark of Los Angeles. Although a street vendor is visible, the nature of their offerings remains elusive, leaving players to wonder.

Given riot games past track record of using player cards as teasers for upcoming maps, The golden hour card has generated significant excitement.

For instance, In episode four, Act three, The player card “Yellows On Rails” subtly hinted at the underwater city of pearl, Which was eventually unveiled. Similarly, The astral conduit player card foreshadowed the introduction of lotus in episode five.

Valorant New Map – The Promise Of Additional Content In Los Angeles

Valorant enthusiasts have also noticed the numerous statements from riot representatives, Assuring players of additional content coinciding with the game’s visit to los angeles for the esteemed champions 2023 esports event.

It is widely anticipated that this content will be closely tied to the event’s host city. However, Fans eagerly anticipating more concrete details will have to exercise patience until august, When further information is likely to be revealed.

Final Thoughts

Valorant players’ analytical prowess and attention to detail have led to a fascinating discovery regarding the game’s next map.

The Golden Hour player card, with its alluring depiction of a Californian streetscape, has fueled speculation of Los Angeles as the upcoming map’s location.

As the community eagerly awaits the unveiling of the map and the associated content, anticipation for valorant Champions 2023 continues to mount.

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