Valorant Fans Beg Riot To Not Release On Console

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The valorant fans has witnessed a remarkable surge in its fan base, with both casual and professional fans contributing to its exponential growth. However, there is one major obstacle hindering its expansion: the game’s exclusivity to PC.

While it has long been anticipated that Riot Games’ tactical shooter will make its way to consoles, recent developments suggest that a console port might be on the horizon.

Surprisingly, fans are pleading with the developers not to proceed with this release, despite the potential to reach a wider audience, much like popular titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

The Concerns of PC Valorant Fans

The topic of cross-platform matchmaking between PC and console players has now become a prominent issue in the VALORANT community.

With rumors circulating about playtests for PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game, a vocal minority is hoping to avoid cross-play altogether.

A tweet from Valorantupdates has sparked significant backlash from fans, who strongly believe that crossplay would undermine the tactical gameplay that defines the current form of the game.

One disgruntled gamer expressed their discontent, stating, “This is going to flop like CS:GO did on consoles.”

Another pleaded, “Please, let there NOT be cross-play.” A third concluded, “We will witness the failure of tactical shooters on consoles, just like Valve did.”

However, not everyone opposes the idea. Some fans have proposed a solution, suggesting, “If ranked matches are isolated on each platform, while casual matches support cross-platform play, I don’t see any reason why this would be a bad thing.”

A common sentiment among players is to wait and observe whether this potential change will result in a disastrous outcome.

The Possibility Of Crossplay In Valorant

Despite concerns surrounding the natural skill deficit that arises when transitioning from PC to controllers, it is highly probable that valorant will introduce cross-platform play. The real question is whether crossplay will extend to competitive modes.

If Riot Games approaches this wisely, competitive modes will remain exclusive to their respective platforms upon the game’s console release, while still allowing for future balancing.

Given the significant role flick aiming and individual skill play in valorant, finding the right balance will undoubtedly leave some players dissatisfied.

After enjoying three years of relative tranquility, Valorant fans are rightfully apprehensive about the potential disruption to their gameplay experience. The looming changes could indeed dissect the community, and only time will tell how it unfolds.

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