Valorant Episode 7 Most Picked Agents

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In this article, we will discuss the Valorant Episode 7 Most Picked Agents. Understanding the popularity of these agents will give you valuable insights into the current meta.

What Are The Valorant Episode 7 Most Picked Agents?

New Patch, New Episode will the Pick Rates Change or Will the Meta Remain Unchanged? Find Out Valorant Episode 7 Most Picked Agents Now!

Raze: The Explosive Brazilian Duelist

Raze secures the fifth spot on our list, and it comes as no surprise. With a current pick rate of 7.2% and a win rate of 49.8%, Raze has maintained a consistent performance.

She is an intriguing agent known for her explosive and mobile playstyle. In lower medal games, you can often find her insta-locked, although her popularity decreases as you climb the ranks.

Omen: The Mysterious Controller

Claiming the fourth place is Omen, and once again, this shouldn’t be unexpected. Omen is widely favored in the VCT Ascension games, and when professionals play him, it naturally influences the public.

Across all maps, Omen’s win rate stands at 48.6%, struggling to surpass the 50% threshold. Currently, Omen mains face challenging circumstances.

Sage: The Ever-Present Support Agent

Sage has consistently been one of the most-played agents in Valorant, and Episode 7 is no exception. If you enjoy playing a supportive role, Sage is the go-to agent for you. With a pick rate of 9.2% across all maps, she continues to be a popular choice.

Unlike Omen, Sage manages to exceed the 50% win rate threshold, albeit only slightly, currently standing at 50.1%.

Jett: The Agile Duelist

Once again, Jett secures a high spot on the list. With a 10.1% pick rate and a win rate of 49.4%, Jett remains a favorite among many players. Regardless of the skill bracket, Jett is often the go-to pick and frequently gets insta-locked.

What contributes to her consistently high pick rate? Her ability to safely peek and secure kills with her signature ability and the utility of her smoke as an entry-breaking duelist.

Reyna: The Reigning Champion of Popularity

In Episode 7, Reyna reigns as the most picked agent. Not only in 2022, but also in 2023, she continues to dominate the selection with an astonishing 11.3% pick rate and a win rate of 50.2%, Reyna’s popularity knows no bounds.

Recently, there has been a discussion on Reddit regarding potential nerfs for Reyna. However, the reason behind the demand for nerfs is not her overpowered nature but rather smurfs exploiting her abilities in lower-bracket games. Statistically, it holds true, as Reyna players with high frag counts can often frustrate others in the match.

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