Valorant Deadlock Exploit Makes Spike Disappear & Guarantees Match MVP

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In this article, we will explore a bizarre Valorant Deadlock Exploit that allows players to deal an astonishing 900,000 damage to an ulting Omen, securing a guaranteed match MVP and making the Spike mysteriously vanish.

Valorant’s latest agent, Deadlock, brings a unique set of abilities that are proving to be quite intriguing for players. As the community gains more experience with her, strange interactions with other characters’ mechanics are coming to light.

What Is Valorant Deadlock Exploit

The Valorant streamer, AverageJonas, recently showcased an extraordinary exploit during one of his regular streams by employing Deadlock’s abilities with perfect timing, he managed to create a chain of events that led to an Omen’s instantaneous demise.

When the Omen activated his ultimate, granting him the ability to teleport anywhere on the map, Jonas simultaneously triggered Deadlock’s ultimate. The result? The Omen met an abrupt end.

The Odd Interaction

Normally, for Deadlock’s ultimate to eliminate an enemy, either the trapped player must traverse the entire nanowire path, or if their team perishes, the nanowires automatically trigger the player’s death.

However, in this peculiar scenario, killing the Omen awarded Jonas a staggering 900,150 damage score, significantly inflating his Average Combat Score to a ludicrous level, thereby ensuring him the match MVP title.

A Vanishing Act

What made this exploit even stranger was the simultaneous disappearance of the Spike. As the Omen was carrying the Spike and intended to teleport to another site, the bug caused the Spike to vanish into thin air.

Consequently, the enemy team found themselves in a perplexing situation, now compelled to eliminate all of Jonas’ teammates to win the round.

Mastering the Exploit

While this exploit can lead to extraordinary outcomes, executing it consistently is no walk in the park. It demands an exceptional amount of luck and precise timing to ensnare the Omen at the exact moment of his ultimate ability.

Nonetheless, for those skilled enough to perform it consistently, the rewards are substantial, and ranking up becomes a breeze.

Final Thoughts

Valorant Deadlock exploit opens up intriguing possibilities for players willing to push the boundaries of the game’s mechanics. The ability to deal an incredible 900,000 damage and guarantee a match MVP while causing the Spike to vanish is undoubtedly a remarkable feat.

As Riot Games becomes aware of this bug, it is possible that they will address it in upcoming patches. In the meantime, players may attempt to master this challenging maneuver and capitalize on its potential to dominate the battlefield.

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