Valorant Daydreams Bundle: Release Date, Price, Skins, Accessories, More

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Valorant enthusiasts are in for a treat as the captivating Valorant Daydreams Bundle prepares to make its debut.

The gaming community was abuzz with excitement following the unveiling of the latest Patch 7.03 on the 8th of August, which inadvertently leaked the news about this upcoming set of themed weapon skins.

What Is In Valorant Daydreams Bundle

As the dust settles on the current Valorant Champions Bundle 2023, available for a limited 25-day window from the 4th to the 29th of August, players can anticipate the arrival of the Daydreams Bundle.

This enchanting collection is poised to take center stage in the shop, coinciding with the release of Patch 7.04.

Despite the conspicuous absence of an official statement from Riot Games or Valorant, avid data miners have managed to provide a glimpse into this eagerly awaited skin line.

Images of the alluring weapon skins, coupled with insights into their pricing and release date, have surfaced within the community.

According to the revelations from Valor Leaks, the forthcoming Daydreams Bundle promises to be a lavish assortment comprising four distinctive weapon skins, a melee skin, and an intriguing gun buddy.

Drawing from the blueprint of past skin collections, the Daydreams Bundle is poised to be valued at 5100 Valorant Points (VP), a monetary equivalent of approximately $55 USD or ₹4554 INR.

The Daydreams Bundle boasts an impressive lineup of skins and accessories:

  • Daydreams Classic
  • Daydreams Phantom
  • Daydreams Operator
  • Daydreams Judge
  • Daydreams Crowbar (Melee Weapon)
  • Daydreams Gun Buddy

Within this extensive selection, two elements have caught the collective eye of the community: the unconventional crowbar melee weapon, which bears a striking resemblance to an ice axe, and the endearing gun buddy donning cat ear headphones.

Initial community feedback concerning the weapon skins has been mixed. However, the full extent of the offerings provided by these skins remains shrouded in mystery. It is premature to draw any definitive conclusions until further insights emerge.

Final Thoughts

For now, the aforementioned details encapsulate the extent of the leaks surrounding the Daydreams Bundle.

As more information surfaces about this captivating skin collection, this space will be continuously updated.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive exploration of all facets of the Daydreams Bundle as we unveil more in the days to come.

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