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Are you excited for the arrival of Valorant Agent 24 ISO? In this article, We’ll dive deep into Iso’s release date, his powerful abilities, and even some teasers to whet your appetite for what’s to come.

Valorant Agent 24 Release Date

The wait for Iso won’t be as long as you might think. Contrary to initial expectations, Iso is set to make his debut much sooner than anticipated.

While early leaks suggested a late 2023 release, Iso is actually scheduled to grace the Valorant world in less than two weeks. Mark your calendars for October 31st, coinciding with the launch of Episode 7 Act 3.

Valorant Agent 24 Abilities

With Valorant Agent 24 being a duelist, the anticipation surrounding his abilities is understandably high. Let’s take a closer look at what Iso will bring to the battlefield.

Iso’s (C) Ability: Contingency (Charges 1; Cost: 250 Credits)

Iso’s primary ability, Contingency, offers an exciting twist on the concept of indestructible cover. Upon activation, Iso conjures prismatic energy to create a bullet-blocking wall, reminiscent of Harbour’s Q ability but with a unique twist.

Iso’s (Q) Ability: Undercut (Charges: 2; Cost: 200 Credits)

Iso’s second ability, Undercut, introduces a molecular bolt that can be thrown forward in the direction Iso is facing.

What sets it apart is its ability to apply a brief FRAGILE status to any agent, be they friend or foe. Moreover, this molecular bolt can pass through solid objects, including walls.

Iso Signature Ability: Double Tap (Charges 2; Cost: 150 Credits)

Double Tap is Iso’s signature ability, and it’s sure to draw comparisons to Reyna’s skills. However, it brings something new to Valorant. Activating Double Tap initiates a focus timer that, when completed, puts Iso into a flow state.

In this state, eliminating an enemy agent causes an energy orb to appear above them. Shooting this orb creates a protective shield barrier, capable of blocking a variety of attacks, from a Raze ultimate to a single bullet from an enemy agent.

Iso’s Ultimate Ability: Kill Contract (Ultimate Points: 7)

Iso’s ultimate ability, Kill Contract, brings back memories of classic Counter-Strike 1.6 duels. Upon activation, Iso and the nearest enemy agent are transported to an interdimensional arena, where they must face off in a duel to the death. The arena disappears when one of the two agents falls, ensuring an intense showdown.

Valorant Agent 24 ISO Origin & Teasers

As previously hinted in our Agent 24 preview, Iso is set to be the second Chinese agent added to Valorant. This isn’t surprising, given that the Chinese version of Valorant launched earlier this year, making it a natural focus for new content.

While some players speculate that Iso’s initial win rate may be low, it’s essential to reserve judgment until he’s fully unveiled and possibly receives his first buffs.

Get ready, Valorant enthusiasts, as Agent 24 Iso is about to shake up the game with his unique abilities and dynamic playstyle. Mark your calendars for his release on October 31st, and prepare to experience a whole new dimension of gameplay.

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