Scam or Legit? (Know and Share) Review

Millions of people are earning online. Many of them earn millions. So, earning online is possible? Yes, it is. Earning online is easy? No. Earning on site possible? Definitely Not.

People especially newbies try google search to know ways to earn online income. But scammers who are working to scam people always run their ads in those keywords. From their many people visit scam websites which they don’t know that they are falling into scammers trap.

Easy work and a good amount of money combination are the characteristics of a scam website. is one such website that lures people to watch promotional videos and earn online income.

We do not recommend website to earn online income. It is 100% a scam website. Keep distance from a distance and do not bring more people as they all will be getting scammed by them.

It is wise to keep a distance from them. Also, be aware of the existence of such websites. Please like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Instagram for more updates on scam websites.

Why Should Not be Used?

Referral Income

Many genuine companies or websites use referral programs. They use it to bring more people to their site and give incentives to its members. But their main work is never been of referral. They always have some genuine business running from which they are getting business.

For example, Uber gives some referral commission or bonus to its members for bringing new people. Here, Uber getting business because the person who downloaded used their service provided a business to them.

Therefore, Uber and other similar genuine websites use referral methods to get business. Contrary to genuine websites, uses referral business to get more and more people’s information. are not selling any service or product. They are offering a job to watch videos and earn money. It means they are not getting any business here.

Sites like claim that they are using their promotional budget to provide money to their members. It is a very old statement given by scam websites as a logical argument behind their scam work.

Hiding Owner Information

First, nobody knows who owns website. It means, owner’s information is not present in the public domain. Even the website in itself does not contain any information about the owner or any real person, and team members.

They are even hiding their information in WHOIS records. This is the most common trait found among scam websites. Always check the owner information on those sites that offer too good to be true deals. Or where money transaction is happening i.e., either you are paying or receiving the money.

Copied Content and Theme

We have already reviewed many websites similar to site. The theme, content, and images present on site, all are copied or duplicated from some other scam website.

In the eyes, of Search Engines, each website is a single entity. It means two websites must not have similar content. This rule is applied only on the genuine website which has come properly to do business or real work.

Scam sites like do not bother to waste their time in generating or producing new content for their website. They come for a short period and get never bothered to get a good ranking on search engines. It is because scammers use advertisements or social media to trap people.

Conclusion is not a legit website to earn money. Keep distance from it and learn their modus operandi. Earning online is possible but not easy. If somebody is offering an easy way to earn good money then that work is not legit.

Please share this knowledge with others. This way you can help us to make people aware of common red flags found among scam websites. Any doubt about this website or others is more than welcome. Share your thoughts with us.

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