Tips to Identify The OLX Distant Buyer Scams in 2023

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We have previously discussed OLX’s fake sellers and the methods they use to scam people. But the OLX Distant Buyer scam has come to our attention and takes a completely different tack.

The OLX Distant Buyer scam is also generally also known as a “distant buyer’s scam,” and it has also occasionally been reported on international classified websites like Craigslist and others.

Modus Operandi Of the OLX Distant Buyer Scam

OLX Distant Buyer scam operates in a very cunning and effective manner. The victim is contacted by the buyer (the scammer) who expresses interest in the thing being sold.

In case the deal goes through, the item will need to be shipped to his location because he also discloses that he is a foreign resident. The scammer then assures the victim that the shipping costs will be covered.

The scammer also promises to send a representative from a private courier service to pick up the item and the shipping costs, and the seller is informed by the con artist.

A “representative” (another scammer) also participates in the OLX Distant Buyer scam and quickly shows up at the seller’s door to pick up the item and the shipping costs.

He then gives the seller the fake courier information and even sends a bogus email with the same information. The con artist keeps in touch with the seller throughout this time, assuring him that he will be paid for both the item and the shipping costs.

The scammer’s main goal is to defraud the victim of as much money as he can. He therefore asserts that his home is far away and that shipping packages there is very expensive.

OLX Distant Buyer scam comes in a few different forms, but the basic idea behind it never changes. The seller might occasionally even get a phoney email purporting to be from a bank.

The buyer may have received payment for the item and shipping costs, according to this email. Only the courier information is required for the charges to be authorised and released. This aids the seller be even more convinced that this is a real deal.

Tips to Identify OLX Distant Buyer Scams

1. The UPI fraud

Buyer pretends to have sent you money, but Google-Pe, Phone-Pe, etc. actually deducts the money from your account. To learn more, go here.

2. Requesting Delivery in Advance

The buyer requests that you ship the item before they pay for it or offers phoney payment documentation.

3. Misleading payment receipts:

Without checking the item first, the buyer will request it and then trick you by sending you fake payment receipts, messages, etc.

4. Demand non-cash payment methods:

Usually, the buyer is adamant about using a check. Note that banks are not liable if note cheques bounce.

5. Requesting Personal Data

The buyer requests personal data such as your ID, bank account information, email address, and debit or credit card number.


Web-based classified ads Marketplaces like OLX and others make it very easy to buy and sell a variety of goods. These websites are particularly useful if you want to sell off consumer electronics like smartphones and other items.

Whether you’re paying for food at a roadside restaurant or buying a home appliance online from a buyer thousands of miles away, all you need to do is scan a QR code or enter a phone number.

We strongly advise you to instal the best anti-spam software on your computer. This will give you real-time protection from the consequences of an OLX Distant Buyer scam.

Anti-Spam software ensures that malicious phishing emails never reach your computer. Even if you open a malicious URL by accident, a powerful antivirus will detect threats as soon as they appear on your machine.

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