Stretto Celsius Scam: A New Phishing Scam on the Internet

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Every day scammers launch some new scam on the internet using some news. The basic way to scam people is by using two human emotions. One is greed and the other is fear. A new phishing scam that has arrived on the internet is Stretto Celsius Scam.

Here, scammers target the claimants involved in the Celsius crypto lender bankruptcy proceedings. The modus operandi of the scammers is they disguise themselves as the bankruptcy claim agent, Stretto, to steal cryptocurrency funds.

Crypto took a toll last year, where many ups and downs. Today, no one talks about Crypto as they were used to some years back. This market has seen many companies coming down, one of them is Celsius crypto lender. Last year, Celsisuc crypto lender filed bankruptcy papers. They froze the withdrawals from user accounts, leaving people hanging. So, affected people state claims against the company to get a portion of their frozen assets.

Scammers took advantage of this event. Several phishing emails were sent to people posing as communication from Stretto. They even created a fake website to full proof their plans. The emails created by scammers passed the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) i.e., email sending protocol that differentiates between genuine and spam emails.

The emails offer creditors a seven-day window to claim their frozen assets. They even disseminate fraudulent messages that include the name ‘Stretto Corporate Restructuring’ using the email address

The link present in fake emails takes people to or redirects the victims to a malicious website, which is created by cloning the real website name Celsius Network LLC, et al. (

The phishing site tells visitors to enter their email addresses to initiate the claims. Then it triggers a WalletConnect prompt upon submission. It give the malicious actors access to critical information stored within the connected cryptocurrency wallet, such as wallet addresses, balances, transaction history, and even the ability to run unauthorised transactions.

Phishing Danger: Be Wary of Emails from “”

Alert! Scammers are targeting Celsius claimants with phishing emails sent from "". These emails seem legit, as they pass SPF checks due to the IP address linking to email marketing firm SendGrid.

Beware of these red flags:

  • Unfamiliar sender: Don’t trust emails from unknown addresses, even if they claim to be from Celsius.
  • Urgent action: Scammers often pressure you to act quickly. Be cautious of emails demanding immediate action.
  • Suspicious links or attachments: Don’t click on links or open attachments from unknown senders. They could contain malware.
  • Generic greeting: Legitimate companies usually address you by name.
  • Offers too good to be true: Scams often lure you with unrealistic promises.

Protect yourself:

  • Verify: Contact Celsius directly through their official channels (website, social media) to confirm any suspicious emails.
  • Don’t share personal information: Never share passwords, credit card details, or other sensitive information through email.
  • Report: If you suspect a phishing attempt, report it to Celsius and relevant authorities.

Remember: Stay vigilant and exercise caution with unsolicited emails, especially those claiming to be from Celsius.


  • This scam may leverage stolen contact lists from compromised crypto marketing accounts.
  • Even claimants without Celsius accounts have received these emails.
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