Sparkon Scam? Review

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A new scam is trending everywhere that talks about the Stop Watt device created by Elon Musk. There is no device created by Elon Musk named Stop Watt that can save energy and rising electricity bill problem in the USA.

Scammers created a fiction story around the device taking the advantage of high electricity bill issue faced by common public. In a nutshell story goes like that to conserve the environment and after the death of a Tesla employ Dorothy due to heat wave, Musk with his engineer friend created Stop Watt Device.

The website has reviewed the Stop Watt device and explained the story behind it. But the website itself, is fraud. Therefore, nobody can trust even a single word written on it.

What is Sparkon Scam? is just a one page website, that briefing about the Stop Watt device. It’s titled its article as the question to people, “the environmental problem is pressing isn’t it? The scorching summer weather has caused many lakes to dry up.”

They used the Elon Musk name by saying that he is calling on everyone to conserve energy and electricity to protect the environment. The curse to fame is that many fake website, devices and scam portals get opened using their name. And when scammers use the popular name, people tend to believe them blindly.

What is Elong Musk Energy Saving Device- Stop Watt?

According to the website device called Stop Watt iallegedly is a energy saving device.

Sparkon scam is making many victims daily by providing false review. There is no such device called Stop Watt. It is surely not energy saving device scam.

According to the article on Sparkon, Elon Musk and Jennifer Granholm saw the environment deteriorating and lakes drying up, they become concerned and decided to make a change.

Therefore, Elon Musk and his team developed Stop Watt. Which is nothing but Elong musk energy saving device (according to the article). The first step Elon Musk made towards environmental transformation is to start with energy conservation.

“Do not pay your electric bill until you read this. As electricity prices continue to rise in , I realize that not everyone can afford solar panels, so we wanted to come up with a way that EVERYONE can save tons of money on their electric bill. Hurry up and learn this trick before the power companies get their way and it’s gone.” – Elon Musk as per the

To make their story genuine they used fake quote using Elon Musk name and also put Fox News byte.

Fox News – It’s no secret that residents in overpay for electricity because the power companies have a monopoly over them. This genius new invention will save you up to thousands of dollars a year off your electric bill.

Above mentioned quotes both are fake.

Is Sparkon Scam?

Everything present on the is fake. It shows that Sparkon is scam. Nobody knows who owns the People behind this site is hiding their information. They have mentioned about them on the website, and not anywhere else. Not even in the WHOIS records.

What is Stop Watt?

According to the site, Elon Musk has created energy saving device. His most recent controversy is about genius electricity saving invention for those who can’t afford fancy, expensive solar panels.

The electric power companies are furious and want Elon’s money saving invention banned before the American public can take full advantage of the savings.

He is saying “the big power companies are scamming you’.

Site accused companies by writing, “Believe it or not, they have been using a secret to cheat you every time you run your lights, dishwasher, blender, vacuum and anything else that draws power.”

Everywhere electricity bills are creating some problem. It is also found that power companies do cheat sometimes but here, Sparkon is cheating people. They created a false story about tragedy stuck at Tesla Factory.

Fiction Tragedy of Tesla

Sparkon explained “When tragedy struck the Tesla factory, he knew he had to take action. Dorothy Smith was a 64 year old Tesla employee who died of a heat stroke after falling behind on her electric bills and her service was shut off in the middle of a record breaking heat wave. Her youngest daughter came to check up on her after many unanswered phone calls and tragically found Dorothy lifeless on the couch with her husband.

“The heat just got her. She had no power, no air conditioning, can you imagine? She was very prideful and ashamed to ask for help.

Dorothy Smith pass away tragically, Elon Musk set out to find his old drawing plans for an electricity saver invention he had made as a young genius in South Africa. The original drawing was based on a concept by his idol, legendary inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer and visionary, Nikola Tesla.

After a few hours of digging through old papers, he found it! Elon immediately called one of his brightest engineers at Tesla and trusted friend, Ed Sherwood. Combining their expertise, they set out to bring Elon’s electricity saving dream to life.

After a few weeks of work in a back room of the Tesla factory, they had a finished project.”

They called it Stop Watt.

How Does Stop Watt Work?

“Stop Watt is a small, compact, affordable, and easy-to-use plug-in device that stops unnecessary power from entering the electrical cables in your home and lowers your consumption instantly. You just plug it in and let this smart device work it’s magic. It’s easy to connect, simply plug into the outlet closest to your breaker box. That is all you need to do, once plugged in the green LED indicates it is powered on and working.

The fact is, all appliances draw more power than they need to run, due to inefficiencies and noise on the sine wave created by the electric companies to overcharge customers and scam them. Power companies take advantage of this situation, and overcharge their customers for it. Due to their monopoly, the government is unwilling to step in and address this situation.

The Stop Watt reduces this noise, thereby decreasing the amount of electricity used. So none is wasted. It doesn’t change the meter reading, or steal power from anywhere else, it simply uses the energy more efficiently, so less is needed.


Is Stop Watt real or scam?

Yes it is a Stop Watt device is scam for sure.

Did Elon musk invent stop watt?

No. Actually, nobody has ever invented the Stop Watt device.

Stop Watt consumer reviews

Not much reviews are present online but whatever is present all are negative as nobody has received the product yet. If you have any experience of this scam or you have any opinion about it, please share the same with us.

Who invented stop watt?

It is alleged that Elon Musk has invented this device. But it all hoax, as only story was created around Stop Watt to scam people.

Is stop watt real?

No Stop Watt is not real. It is totally fake and non-legit.

Conclusion is a scam website. It is a fraud that is created to mislead people into the fictional story to create another scam device called Stop Watt. Stop Watt is not real and totally a scam. Please do not fall for it. Also, please share this article with others to make people in your social circle aware of such scams. Please do share and help us to make all people in the world aware of online scams.

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