Share and Earn is Real or Fake? Share and Earn App Review

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Hello friends, while checking apps in Google Play Store, we found an app called Share and Earn App. We looked into the app and had some doubts about it like many of you. If you have any experience of Share and Earn then please write your valuable review in the comment box. If not then this Share and Earn Review is for you.

Some general questions that people are asking like Share and Earn App is Real or Fake? or is Share and Earn Scam? or is Share and Earn Legit? Is Share and Earn paying? and many more.

In our experience of last 5 years, while writing about various kind of online scams we can say that any app or website that offer easy way to make Money always turn into a scam. There is a saying in the marketing industry that ‘if something is free for you then you are the product’. Keeping this in mind, we critically analyzed the Share and Earn.

What is Share and Earn App?

According to the App about us, if somebody want to earn extra income then Share and Earn App is the right platform for them. All you have to do is share deals and exciting offers within your network and you will earn real money every time someone clicks on the share link. In nutshell, the only way to earn here is by sharing the referral links. Another app similar to it is Earneasy24.

How to Earn Money with Share and Earn App?

  1. Download the Share and Earn
  2. Sign-up by fill in all the necessary details.
  3. After signing in, you will see hundereds of latest deals and offers in the dashboard section. Choose the offer you want to share, click on ‘share’ option and share it with your friends or family members through any medium.
  4. Once someone clicks on your shared link, you earn some money.

Specification of Share and Earn App

  • Released on : 3 August 2022
  • Offered by Wvalue Martech Private Limited
  • Required Os: Android 5.0 and up
  • Email: NA
  • Company CEO name: NA
  • Downloads: 100K (as per Google Play Store)
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Positive Reviews: Present on Google Play Store
  • Negative Review: they are also present on Google Play Store where people have declared Share and Earn App a scam.

Is Share and Earn Legit?

After checking it and the company which own this App, we are not able to find any real person who is responsible for it. The transparency level is zero, and name of CEO, Founder and employee that are present on LinkedIn are not satisfactory to declare Share and Earn App to be legit.

Is Share and Earn Scam?

From the experience we have in writing about scam website, the modus operandi of Share and Earn App is similar to scam website that offer similar way to earn online income i.e., by sharing the referral.

To detect a referral scam is very simple, just check, the company, app or website that offer extra income using referral method, is selling any product/service or not. If they are selling any service or product, then they are genuine if not then they are scam.

The problem with referral method is that it is not sustainable for the company to survive on this method for long. Company use this method to acquire sufficient customer base but after one time they stop paying their customer. But genuine companies have some service or product to sell via which they do their business.

You can find various types of online income scam here.

Also, genuine companies use referral scheme to acquire a new customer by selling their product or service to new customer. But Share and Earn App is saying that you will simply earn by getting click on your referral link. This is a big red flag. No genuine company is able to pay just for getting a click on a link.

Is Share and Earn real or fake?

The negative reviews present on the Google Store against it point towards that it is not a real app. But it is also true that Share and Earn App team respond to their negative comments.


We do not recommend Share and Earn App. It is simply because the modus operandi of this app is similar to scam websites and their business model is not sustainable. But to use it or not it is up to you. Mix comments are present on the Google Play Store.

But we have seen that many scam websites that want to survive for long, they pay to their few members initially, but once their target get achieved, they just shut their website and run.

If you have any experience about Share and Earn App, please share it with us. Positive, negative and critical views, all are welcome. With your contribution we would help each other to understand this App is genuine App or not.

Scam Topics are very sensitive issues that have taken the shape of Crime. The majority of people are not aware of such things. Please help us to make people aware of Scam and Cyber Crime by sharing this knowledge and article with others.
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