Sentinels Of Light 2.0 Valorant New Skin Bundle

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The gaming world is abuzz with anticipation as the sentinels of light 2.0 skin bundle in valorant is set to make way for the all-new sentinels of light 2.0 bundle on 15.11, Let’s delve into the exciting details awaiting enthusiasts.

Sentinels Of Light 2.0 Bundle – Price, All Weapons And More

If you were a fan of the original Sentinels Bundle, brace yourself for the enhanced experience brought by Sentinels Of Light 2.0.

This revamped bundle not only features captivating skins but also introduces a unique, specially crafted knife to elevate your gaming aesthetics.

Sentinels Of Light 2.0 Weapons

  • Phantom
  • Odin
  • Spectre
  • Shorty
  • Knife

Sentinels Of Light 2.0 Price

  • Each Weapon: 2,175VP
  • Knife: 4,350VP
  • Spray: 375VP
  • Playercard: 375VP
  • Gunbuddy: 475VP
  • Bundle Price: 8,700VP

What’s New In Sentinels Of Light 2.0

While the animations, sound effects, and finishers retain the familiar Sentinels of Light vibe, a notable addition is the finisher adapting the color based on your chosen color variant.

Brace yourself for a visually stunning pink or green finisher, adding a dynamic touch to your gameplay.

Moreover, keen observers will notice subtle improvements in texture quality, enhancing the overall visual appeal of Sentinels of Light 2.0.

A special spotlight within the Sentinels Of Light 2.0 Bundle is the two-handed knife, resembling elegant wings. Community excitement peaks with the introduction of the coveted pink variant of this unique knife design.

However, a note of contention arises as some players express dissatisfaction with the pricing, particularly the standalone knife, priced at approximately $43.

In the realm of gaming aesthetics, the Sentinels Of Light 2.0 Bundle price points might raise a few eyebrows. Yet, seasoned gamers have encountered pricier offerings, such as the Oni Katana, exceeding the $50 mark.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while the Sentinels Of Light 2.0 Valorant Skin Bundle introduces thrilling enhancements to your gaming experience, pricing considerations remain subjective.

Whether you’re eager to wield the exceptional two-handed knife or showcase the vibrant finishers, this bundle promises a visual feast for Valorant enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for the official release on 15.11, and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Sentinels Of Light 2.0.

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