Rewardsgiantusa Scam | Rewardsgiantusa Review (2023)

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Hello and welcome to Rewardsgiantusa Review. Many people try to find an easy way to earn or make Money online. There is no fault in this effort. But the problem people face is that more than 99% of websites offering easy ways to make money are fake.

Is Rewardsgiantusa a scam? Or is Rewardsgiantusa legit? The Rewardsgiantusa website is not legit. This website will not help you earn any reward or $100 gift card. We are going to explain the red flags found on the Rewardsgiantusa site.

But the direct answer to all the questions regarding this site is simple: Rewardsgiantusa is not legit. It is fake. Please do not use it.

What is Rewardsgiantusa?

On this platform, members must complete all the required sponsored deals within 5-7 days. Some deals may take up to 60 days to complete. Once the member meets the value numbers necessary, they must complete the reward claims process.

This step requires ID verification. To complete the verification process, the customer services team take 5-7 days to verify and deliver the reward. Get a Quick StartWant to track your progress. Sign up for SMS alerts to keep you up to date on your Reward status and Deal credits.

“Complete 25 Deals to claim a $1000 Reward or complete fewer to declare a lesser value Reward. For example: to claim a $5 Reward, complete one Deal from level2 one and one from level 2 for a total of 2 Deals.

Discover our partner Deals, such as mobile games and apps, subscription products and services, free trials and many more! Complete the required number of Deals to earn your Reward. Many of our partner Deals require payments for products and services rendered.”

As mentioned, content is explained and written according to the Rewardsgiantusa website. Whatever they claim or present, we know they will not deliver anything.

They explain that customer service will take 5-7 days; in our experience, this site lacks a customer service team. They have never paid anybody and never going to be paid in future.

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Red Flags found on Rewardsgiantusa

Information of the Owner: Not Shared

The owner of the website is not known to anyone. It is a common factor found on scam websites. If owner information cannot be shared, they must tell about their team members managing this website.

Scammers never reveal their identity for obvious reasons. And we should always strive to know about the owner’s information. The point is simple. Genuine employers never hide info from its employee. The more information is shared, the more transparent the company is.

Not just Rewardsgiantusa’s people intentionally hide their information, but they also guarded their info in WHOIS records. Any website involving money should not be trusted without checking the owner’s details.

Easy Task Trap

Many giant companies working on the Internet gave employment to thousands of people. They hire people for their skills and knowledge. Big companies have more money than many small countries; still, they never offer easy ways to make money.

The sites like Rewardsgiantusa offer an easy way to earn online income from home only because people believe in this idea. Making from Home-based jobs is possible, but it is not easy.

Rewardsgiantusa has no business model to explain how they can give good money for just watching, clicking the ads and completing the deals.

Scam sites offer easy tasks because they want to tap the majority of people around the world. If they ask for a particular skill, their audience will be narrow. But when sites offer typing jobs, watching ads job,s and other similar easy work, they get a global audience.

We already review easy tasks many websites offer in our Online Income Scam category.

A real Scam is a Referral

Websites like Rewardsgiantusa explain that the money they offered came from the companies whose ads they are showing. Instead of giving promotional money to some PR companies, companies provide the same money to people directly using their platform.

This logic seems correct, and people also believe in it. The problem arises when members don’t receive their income. Rewardsgiantusa website’s primary work is not to provide jobs to its members.

They want their members to bring more members. They may release the income of some members. We are sure that the majority of people will not receive their payment. It is an old trick of scam sites to make their members accomplices of the scam.

Duplicate Content

At first look, we had doubts about Rewardsgiantusa’s site work, but we became particular about it being a scam when we checked its content. Rewardsgiantusa site has used the content of some other websites. They should be penalized for using copied content.

While checking the duplicate content, we found another similar scam site named Both websites are scams. Both are 100% identical. Scammers never waste their time creating new content for their websites.

Surveysandpromoonline Content1
Surveysandpromoonline Content1
Flashrewards Content1
Flashrewards Content1


The Rewardsgiantusa website is a scam site. It is not a real place to work on. Also, never share your information with them.

We hope that Rewardsgiantusa Reviews helped you understand this website’s true nature. This kind of website targets people on Social Media; like many other people, such scams also affect people in our social circle. 

Request: We humbly request people with some experience with the Rewardsgiantusa site to share their experience in the comment box. It helps others to understand the reality of this website.

Also, please support us in this pursuit to make people aware of online scams by liking us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. We don’t want scammers to take advantage of people’s innocence. We need your support.

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