AIFACS Gallery Art Exhibition by Pranaita Gusain- ‘Unicus’ 7/10/2022

An Art Exhibition is going to happen at AIFACS Gallery on the 7th of October 2022. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Unicus: Only One in Existence’. The art exhibition will showcase the diverse range of paintings made by an upcoming artist Pranaita Gusain.

According to the artist, she uses acrylic on Canvas to showcase her emotions, expressions, feelings as well as silence. She experimented with her paintings with acrylic paints combined with the hardship she faced in her life.

Forms of paintings one will experience are Abstract, Warli, Mandala, and Modern Art. Below are some of the glimpses and details of the Art Exhibition which is going to happen from the 7th of October 2022 to the 13th of October 2022 at Gallery B, AIFACS Gallery (All India Fine Arts & Craft Society, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001.

Artist Bio: Pranaita Gusain

By profession, Pranaita Gusain is in the Medical Field where she helps to solve the difficulty of differently-abled people regarding their occupation and other issues. But it is not the beginning, the story begins many years back.

Born in UP, a native of Uttarakhand that lived in Delhi, Pranaita Gusain has inculcated the diversity and different cultural aspects of different states. Her professional degree is called Occupation Therapist, where she helped many unimpressionable people to express their feelings and help them to be able to become occupationally abled.

Later on, while going through the Pandemic phase, she faced the helplessness of not being able to help countless people, being a medical professional.

To cope-up with emotional hardship, depression and sadness she started putting her emotions into her paintings and started expressing them via Acrylic Colours, which are a perfect metaphor for myriad human emotions that run inside every individual.

Her paintings also became a medium of communication with her patient which also helped her to continue her passion in the painting field. Now, her motive is to communicate with the world via her colours and paintbrush.

As a professional article, she conducted her first exhibition in India. This time she is moving forward to have her solo exhibition at Gallery B, AIFACS Gallery, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110001 from 7/10/2022 to 13/10/2022.

Specification of Exhibition by Pranaita Gusain

Artist NamePranaita Gusain
ThemeUnicus- Only One in Existence
Dates7th-13th October 2022
VenueGallery B, AIFACS Gallery (All India Fine Arts & Craft Society, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001
Forms of PaintingAbstract, Warli, Mandala, and Modern Art
Facebook PagePrakala.India
Instagram IdPrakala India

A glimpse of Exhibition Paintings

1. The Beginning of Life: The most beautiful phase is the beginning of life. The small tiny movements inside the womb and the joy of motherhood together make the women feel the divine blessings.

The Beginning of life Image
The Beginning of life

2. Assimilation– The meeting of the two souls and the assimilation and union into one together makes the pleasure divine. The aura of assimilation makes the flowers of love and oneness bloom.

Assimilation Image
The Assimilation

3. Bravery is a Trait– Bravery is a trait. Achievers have to take that plunge to get what they want from life.

Bravery is a Trait Image
Bravery is a Trait

4. Vatsalya– The bonding of Mother and child is a divine feeling. The bond is visible and blooming. It’s a natural feeling that keeps life moving.

Vatsalya Image

5. Pazeb– The beauty of the woman who manages all household work, and office work and even then takes out time to pamper herself with little beautiful ornaments. The picture shows the balance between a woman handling responsibilities and the one who feels the desire to be pampered.

Pazeb Image

6. The Village– The village life that puts you back in your roots. The joy of being together and enjoying together. The life that is full of life.

The Art of Happiness Image
The Village

7. The Art of Happiness– The art of happiness. The occasion and the trumpet. The happy phase of life that is so relishing and blessed.

The Village Image
The Art of Happiness

8. Tree & Branches– The tree that shows love and blessings. Life is beautiful with its ups and downs. The branches take you to different zones which have their own struggle and fruits of success too.

Tree and Branches Image
Tree and Branches

9. The Waves of Spirituality

Waves of Spirituality Image
Waves of Spirituality

10. The Ramayana– The Ramayana has many lessons for the world. The story and its depth are an inspiration for us. The various ups and downs of the story teach us morals that are relevant in every sphere of life.

Waril Painting Image
The Ramayana