Pixels: How To Visit Land By Number And Bookmark It

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In the dynamic realm of NFT gaming, Pixels stands out as a captivating experience that continues to draw in a growing community of active users, especially after its migration to the Ronin Chain.

With approximately 5,000 NFT lands under the ownership of players, each holding its unique allure, Pixels unfolds as a farming game where the richness of resources and utilities varies among the lands.

Pixel Prosperity: Bounty Of NFT Lands

As avid players embark on their journey in Pixels, the quest for prime lands becomes paramount to enhance their farming ventures.

Understanding the nuances of land selection is crucial, especially considering that wealthier players often possess lands with more abundant resources.

One convenient strategy employed by players is bookmarking, providing an efficient means of fast travel to favored locations.

Pixels: How To Visit Land By Number

To embark on a journey to any NFT land using its designated number, your first destination is the Land Office in Terravilla.

how to bookmark land pixels

Positioned conspicuously as the first building to the left of the fountain, this establishment serves as the gateway to a myriad of Pixel adventures.

Upon entering the Land Office, ascend to the upper floors where a prominent red device awaits — the Infiniportal. This device acts as a portal to your desired land.

Simply input the specific farm number, or opt for the convenience of searching by username or ETH address. The Infiniportal is the key to unlocking the vast Pixel landscape.

pixels how to visit land by number

Pixels: How To Bookmark It

Once you find yourself on the desired land, the next step is to ensure you can revisit it effortlessly. Navigate to the gate located at the bottom of the land, setting the stage for your Pixel pilgrimage.

With the gate as your focal point, discover the Bookmark button that streamlines your return visits. Click on it to cement your chosen land in the menu, creating a personalized catalog of bookmarked Pixels.

pixels how to add land to bookmark


In conclusion, Pixels on the Ronin Chain unveils a world of endless possibilities, where strategic land selection and efficient bookmarking elevate the gaming experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pixel enthusiast or a newcomer to the Pixelverse, mastering these techniques ensures you unlock the full potential of your Pixel journey.