Palworld Item Duplication Glitch: Infinite Items

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Palworld is in Early Access, and it has some bugs. One of them is the Palworld Item Duplication Glitch, letting you have lots of crafting materials. It works for building materials, not for unlimited food ingredients. The glitch might get fixed soon, so use it now to stock up on building resources for later.

Our guide shows you the steps to use the Palworld Item Duplication Glitch. Don’t wait too long or miss out on a great chance.

Is Palworld Duplication Glitch Safe?

Before we dive in, let’s check if this glitch is safe. Using glitches to cheat in the game might be frowned upon, but I don’t think there are any consequences. No one reported getting banned for using the duplication glitch.

I believe the developers won’t punish players for a problem in their game. So, as long as the glitch works, go ahead and use it.

How To Use Palworld Item Duplication Glitch

When using the duplication glitch, ensure the item isn’t in your Inventory. Instead, build a Wooden Chest and move the item into it. Then follow these steps:

  • Go to your base’s boundary and place a Wooden Chest with the item to duplicate. You can see the base boundaries with the blue outline on the ground.Placing a Wooden Chest on Base’s Boundary to use the Duplication Glitch. Image Credits to Joscf
  • Now, to use the Item Duplication Glitch in Palworld, build something using that item.
  • There’s a catch; stand on your base’s boundary so that one leg is outside and the other inside.
  • Start the building process and immediately cancel it. This refunds the items used for building.
  • Collect and transfer the refunded item to your Inventory. If the glitch worked, the building materials will still be in the Wooden Chest.

Remember, you’ll get double the items you spent. For example, use x100 Ingots to build a Large Container, cancel the process, and you’ll get x100 Ingots back. If the glitch worked, you’ll have a total of x200 Ingots.