New Valorant Agent 25 Coming In 2024

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Excitement is brewing in the Valorant community as the teaser for the upcoming Agent 25 has surfaced, promising a fresh addition to the game in 2024. Just after the introduction of Iso in October, Valorant enthusiasts are in for another treat with the reveal of this mysterious agent.

In this article, we will dissect the teaser and explore what the community speculates about the class, abilities, and potential impact on the meta.

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New Valorant Agent 25 Coming In 2024

The teaser offers a vibrant palette of pink and purple, featuring a cocoon and butterflies, sparking intrigue among players. This unexpected reveal aligns perfectly with the festive season, thanks to Valorant news accounts on X for presenting this surprise leak.

The teaser appears to be a Player Card from the upcoming Episode 8 Battle Pass, following the pattern established with the introduction of Iso.

Valorant Agent 25 Speculation About Class And Abilities

With the recent agent releases, speculation is rife that Agent 25 might be a smoker, continuing the pattern observed in previous additions.

The community is buzzing with anticipation, theorizing that the agent’s abilities may involve dynamic smoke formations, possibly resembling moving swarms of butterflies.

The teaser’s nod to metamorphosis, showcasing the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, fuels speculation about unique abilities that set Agent 25 apart from other smokers.

A noteworthy codename, ‘Smokedancer,’ has surfaced, hinting at the potential versatility of the agent’s smokes. Players are eager to discover if these smokes can change shape and structure, introducing a new dimension to tactical gameplay.

The upcoming agent is poised to bring innovation to the table, ensuring a gameplay experience distinct from previous smoker agents.

Valorant Agent 25 Release Date

Leakers have provided insight into the release timeline for Agent 25, suggesting that players may not get their hands on this new addition until March 2024, expected to coincide with Episode 8 Act 2.

The extended wait adds to the anticipation, offering players an opportunity to uncover more Easter eggs and clues leading up to the official release.


Valorant enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of Agent 25, the teaser and community speculation provide a glimpse into what the future holds for this new addition.

Whether it’s the allure of butterfly-inspired smokes or the promise of a versatile ‘Smokedancer,’ the upcoming agent is poised to make a significant impact on the ever-evolving meta.

March 2024 may seem distant, but the journey to unraveling the mysteries of agent 25 promises to be an exciting one for valorant players worldwide.