Navigating the Digital World with Mindfulness: Ensuring Secure Online Activities

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Our world is getting digitized as much as one could imagine, and many areas are part of mixed reality, starting from everyday shopping to spending the evening on the favorite video game. This type of lifestyle requires more attention to mindfulness for secure online activities.

There were different terms to describe this issue, such as Online safety vs Internet safety, or Internet safety vs E-safety. Obviously, they all have the same meaning, but after a careful evaluation, some patterns have to be addressed for a better understanding of the issue.

Anyway, as of now, people mostly talk about online safety, since it is quite comprehensive and includes almost all the aspects related to our digital activities.

One thing to emphasize is that the borders of online security are not fixed and usually expand over time amid the rise of new technologies and the inclusiveness of the digital world. In our days, some of the most popular online activities are playing/streaming games, communication, and maps.

So, let’s talk about these topics one by one and give some feedback on how can internet users safeguard their activities, keep their personal information from hackers, and, why not, third-party companies.

Online Gaming and Gambling: Mind your Financial Information

Without exaggeration, more than a billion people are part of the big gaming world, meaning that they either play video games, gamble in online casinos or stream any other kind of gaming content. It’s not a secret that unlike many other online services, gaming and gambling companies don’t earn their main income from advertisements, but from direct purchases.

Online gambling with cryptocurrencies and other payment methods would require form players some financial information, of course. Although crypto is a good solution in terms of the safety of financial information, still, players have to be vigilant.

When it comes to video games and other sorts of gaming activities, users often subscribe to a platform or purchase the whole game, sometimes maybe only for certain virtual items in a game.

As you can see, it’s all about financial transactions, and the more you care about your financial information, the less you will find yourself in a digital hassle. 

A valuable tip: For gaming in particular, first be careful what kind of platform you choose. It’s not difficult to conduct little research and see whether a company is reputable/reliable or not. If it’s not, then better move forward because you don’t have to risk your money.

Second, don’t forget to update the operation system of your PC. People may think that this is an unnecessary thing and nothing important depends on the updates, but this is a miscalculation, trust me.

Developers make these regular updates to prevent fraud activities, so stay up to date from your end. And finally, if you own money both in traditional and in cryptocurrencies, prefer playing with crypto since it has more safety measures.

Daily Communication: Mind What Content You Share

In the United States, the number one digital activity of internet users is text and instant messaging, with a score of 93,3%. This significant number shows how heavily we rely on messaging platforms for our daily communications, where we share a lot, and sometimes more than that.

In fact, we share personal photos and videos with our family members and close friends. Unfortunately, sometimes those images are stolen on the way to the main addressee, even though most of the messaging platforms ensure end-to-end encryption.

There are so many possible ways of data leaks that could not happen directly with your account but with the messaging company, which is the worst scenario. Well, simply because in that case, we talk about not one, not to but even thousands of folders of personal information. Remember the data breach in Facebook, for which the company suffered a lot

A valuable tip: It is crucial to evaluate the platform you are using for everyday communication. Many of them could provide end-to-end encryption, others not. Logically, we need to choose the ones that offer the highest security standards.

Apple platforms are known for being an advocate of data safety. However, no matter how secure the platform promises to be, never trust 100%, because nothing can be guaranteed by 100%, especially in the digital environment. So, share wisely, and share as less as possible, reducing your online footprint.

Using Maps: Mind Your Location

Whether you’re exploring new cities or finding the best route for the daily commute, maps provide invaluable guidance, indeed. However, it’s important to exercise caution and mindfulness when using mapping services to ensure the security of location-related information.

One of the key considerations when using mapping applications is built-in privacy. Many mapping platforms collect data about our locations, routes, and preferences to enhance their services. With this being said, we imply the personalized experience that companies work for so hard, considering it one of the biggest parts of their services, but it may contain real risks from the user’s viewpoint.

A valuable tip: Before using a mapping application, take a moment to review its privacy policy and understand how your location data will be utilized. Look for platforms that prioritize user privacy and offer robust encryption measures to protect your sensitive information.

Consider adjusting your location settings to limit the amount of data shared and review the permissions granted to the mapping app on your device.

Another sensitive topic is sharing the real-time location with others. While it can be convenient to allow friends or family members to track your whereabouts, ensure that you only grant this access to individuals you trust and that sharing your location is too important at the moment.

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