Mumbai Job Scam: Doctor loses ₹2.55 lakh to Job Scam

A 27-year-old doctor and her friend fell victim to a job scam that involved the promise of a part-time job and a cryptocurrency investment, resulting in a loss of about 2.55 lakh rupees.

Modus Operandi of the Job Scam

The complainant is a Doctor who presently works for a hospital in Malad, according to the Kurar police. According to the police, Victim was contacted via WhatsApp on January 12 with an offer of a part-time job.

She responded by inquiring about the job description, to which the caller on the other end replied that she was required to provide favourable reviews of YouTube videos in exchange for payment.

The victim was persuaded that she was dealing with a legitimate party after completing a few tasks and receiving small payments in return. After a day of this, the accused asked her to instal a bitcoin app the following evening, claiming that it was required for the job.

The victim began adding more money to the app per the accused’s instructions, which convinced her that her investment was already reaping rewards.

The victim invested 1.55 lakh rupees in the app. The accused urged the victim to make even more investments, claiming that larger sums would yield greater returns. The victim then turned to one of her friends, who also put one lakh into the app.

When the victim inquired about her returns, the accused informed her that there would be no payment released until she deposited an additional 2 lakh into the app because she had made some errors in the ‘tasks’.

The accused cut off all contact with the victim after she refused to send any more money until she received what she had been promised.

The job scam victim went to the police on Sunday after realising that she might be a job scam victim, and a complaint was filed.

The Indian Penal Code and pertinent sections of the Information Technology (IT) Act are both being used by the police to charge the accused with job scams and cheating.

Tips to File a Job scam Complaint in India

  • Never trust contact information, office addresses, or registration numbers found on a website because a fake company can get a phone number, rent space, or even get a number.
  • There are a few things you should consider before sending your complaints. Just consider a few of these points.
  • Before contacting the cyber cell police regarding a job scam, you must confirm that the app/website you paid for is a fake website.
  • Most Indian websites that ask for money in order to sign up for a job that can be done from home are frauds. Therefore, if you did, there is a good chance that the Indian website you paid for is a fake.
  • A trustworthy website will give the name of the person who is offering the work-from-home package. If you can’t find the name and image of the site owner there, the website is fake.
  • A website is fake if it requests users to complete online surveys, copy and paste, fill out forms, etc.
  • Search Google for user complaints about the company or website.

You have the option of sending your job scam complaint via email or letter. To find the contact information for the cyber cell police in different cities, look in the table that is provided below.

PlaceContactAddress and EmailWebsite

ACP, Cyber Crime Cell, Commissioner office Campus Egmore, Chennai- 600008
E-mail id:
For Rest of Tamil Nadu,
Address: Cyber Crime Cell, CB, CID, Chennai
E-mail id:

Cyber Crime Police Station, C.O.D Headquarters, Carlton House, No. 1, Palace Road, Bangalore-1
+91-040-2324 0663
+91-040-2785 2274
+91-040-2785 2040
+91-040-2329 7474 (Fax)

Cyber Crime Police Station, Crime Investigation Department, 3rd Floor, D.G.P. office, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad–4

CBI Cyber Crime Cell:, Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Central Bureau of Investigation,
5th Floor, Block No.3, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003
Uttar Pradesh
094544 57953

Sri Balmiki Marg, Inside Hazratganj Police Station, DM Compound Colony, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001
Email ID: NA
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