Is Llusy an Online Legit Shop? or Scam?

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Hello, lovely people. Welcome to Llusy Review. It is a website that deals in ladies’ dress, come to our learning. The theme used on the Llusy is good, and the images of the products are awesome.

But we are cautious about the working of this website. Therefore, we explore a little bit and tried to know better about this website. Asking questions and checking website background is a good habit that people must inculcate because the internet is infested with scammers.

The deals running on the Llusy website are unrealistic. Too good to be true deals always end badly for customers. Therefore, do not use the Llusy website, as it contains many red flags found on other scam websites.

If you think you get scammed then read the article: What to do next when you get scammed?

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Is Llusy scam?

Llusy website is not a genuine store. Its build and working model are similar to all other bogus websites. We are sure that it is not a real online store.

The scam has not a proper explanation, anything can be covered under its definition. Therefore, the right thing to do is to observe the minute red points that are also available on all the bad websites.

Nowadays, sites remain online for years despite cheating many people. It is because websites like Llusy deliver the product but not the right one. They need the delivery receipts as nowadays banks and payment merchants release the one’s delivery receipt is generated.

Also, when people file complaints, companies nowadays waste your time and later reply with options. Options like customers can send the product back to them and bear the shipping cost.

Another option is to take a refund of 5-7% of their money. The last one is to use their big discount voucher and shop more. Don’t fall prey to scammers, learn and understand the below-mentioned points. Become aware and make others aware of scammers’ work.

Red Flags of Llusy

Duplicate Content is Used: The content present here is not unique and original. Search engines like Google give high points to the website that create unique and new content regularly. It increases site ranking as well as authority.

But contrary to the genuine store, Llusy has used the copied content. Anybody can use the plagiarism tool and can check their content. Nothing on the Llusy site is original. Their images are copied, the theme is cool but not original. In short, the site in itself is fake.

Information About Owner Not Shared: scammers know that if they reveal their identity then people will sue them and they will be behind the bars. So, they hide their identity and never shared it with anyone.

The same feature is found on the Llusy website. Nothing has been shared about the owner on the site. Even they have guarded their info in the WHOIS records. This feature is mainly and mostly found only on dubious websites.

High Discount Trap: one difference we observed between a genuine and bad website is that original sites never put all its product on sale. But bad websites always offer high discounts and place each and every product under sale.

This trick is used on Llusy and many other similar websites like Cotosen, Aderez, Kalesafe, Cayred, Suikiss, Pinkami, Etsyoutlets, Chicdailywear, Sweetslips, Lilyabrazo, Stobey, Beachsii, Fashioke, Oneesanstyle, Niolena, Flydik, Locilia, Noracoly, Definishiny, Poplyswim, Uniquegirlsboutique, Stunncal, Rileydress, Juliedress, Chichers.

End Note

Llusy isn’t the right store to buy any product. Please don’t buy any product from here. Different types of scammers working online, learn their modus operandi on How to detect online scams?

We need your help. Please share the Llusy review with others to make them apprehensive of the work of scammers. Any questions about the Llusy review are welcome.

You’re most welcome to share your story, ideas, views, and experience with others by writing in the comment section. There are numerous reasons why we fall for similar kinds of swindles.

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