Lies of P Save Location – Windows PC

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In the realm of gaming, uncovering the precise Lies Of P Save Location on your PC is nothing short of pivotal.

It equips you with the power to manually safeguard your in-game progress, shield it from the clutches of unforeseen save file corruption, and stand resilient against any potential system or hardware glitches, particularly when you find yourself deeply immersed in the gaming universe.

Worry not, dear gamer, for we are here to provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on how to pinpoint the Lies of P save file location on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Let’s delve into the intricacies of preserving your precious Lies of P game save location.

If you’re playing Immortals Of Aveum or Atlas Fallen and need to know where the save files are located, be sure to check out our article for detailed instructions.

How To Find Lies of P Save Location Windows PC

When it comes to Windows, your Lies of P save files reside in the following directory:


This is where your game progress is securely stored, allowing you to take matters into your own hands and ensure its safety.

Discovering Lies Of P Save File On Linux

For those immersed in the Linux gaming world, locating your Lies of P save files is a slightly different journey. You’ll need to navigate to the following path:


The Steam folder on Linux is typically situated by default in ~/.steam/steam, and within this labyrinth, you shall uncover your valuable game saves.

By mastering these save file locations, you arm yourself with the knowledge to shield your hard-earned progress in Lies of P effectively.

Don’t let uncertainty threaten your gaming achievements – take control and safeguard your journey through this captivating virtual realm.

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