Is site a Way to Earn Money? Review

Many people ask us to tell them about a website that pays money in reality. Our answer is simple, we don’t know such a website. What we know is that website is not a place to earn online income. Earning money is possible online but there is no shortcut. If there is any, we don’t know about it. website is a 100% scam site. People realize it very late when they get scammed. They work for months and cross the minimum payout limit. When they apply to receive their money, they could not. The reason the website gives is that they have to make some referrals first.

No genuine website declines requests of its member’s payment just because they have not to make a referral. Members demand money that they earned by watching promotional videos and not for making referrals.

Both payments should be dealt, separately. But scammers are shameless people, they do not just hold people’s payment but also decline the whole amount just because members have not made any referral. Even if somebody does make referrals as demanded by the website, still they don’t get any money.

In short, is a scam website that has come only to scam people. It is not alone there are many websites already reviewed by us, you can see it in Promotion Video Scam Section.

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Why is Scam?

Copied Website

Except for the domain name, everything on is copied from another website. Not just the written content but schemes, videos, and images all are copied. It is not good for any genuine website to use the content for some other site that in itself is a scam.

Content plays important role in getting a good ranking in search engines. But scammers don’t bother by it. They have come for a short period of time. is not a good website please don’t fall into their trap.

Information of the Owner Guarded

Genuine companies never hide their identity. People are going to work on this website, don’t they want to know who is this benevolent person who offers such an easy way to earn good money.

The people behind this website are hiding intentionally. They know and understand that they are scamming people and doing illegal work. Not just hiding they also guarded info in WHOIS records.

No matter how hard one tries to know about’s people, nobody can know about them. Hiding and not sharing information is not a good omen.

Referral a Trap

Websites like give an old logic to their members. They say the money they are offering is coming from the money kept aside for PR promotion. Instead of giving money to some PR company, they offer the same money to people for watching their videos.

If that is the case then why do they want their members to make new referrals? The real trap on this kind of website is of ‘referral method’. The referrals are used by genuine websites to give incentives to their members.

But scammers like, use it as a tool to make its member their partners in crime. It is because by making referrals for this website, people bring more innocent people to them and they also lose their information to them.


The answer to the question, is a scam? It is simple yes. Most people might not be happy with this answer but it is the reality and truth. There is no shortcut to getting anything worthy. If anybody promises you the shortcut then definitely that work is not legit.

Many people earn exponentially after some years, it is true. But the starting point of every successful person is the same i.e. zero. And Zero is the best place to start.

Please share this knowledge with others. This way you can help us to make people aware of common red flags found among scam websites. Any doubt about this website or others is more than welcome. Share your thoughts with us.

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