If you are friends of everybody then you are enemy to yourself : Mike Tyson

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Recently I was going through my Instagram account and heard this quote by Mike Tyson “If you are friends of everybody then you are an enemy to yourself” And it totally took my mind.

Isn’t it true for everyone of us specially for the middle class people who always want others approval for their actions.

All our decisions are based on what other people say, what they will think and so on. Even though we don’t want their verbal approval still their reactions and responses matter to us.

We are always too sweet with strangers and rude with known ones. Isn’t it ironic, the people who are most close to us, we are not good with them most of the time.

The reason for this I understood is that we took them for granted. In any kind of relationship if it is sufficiently old then people want another person to understand them.

Humans being a social animal want people around them and that is why everyone tries to become a favorite of everyone. And it is a big trap.

Constantly thinking what other people think about him/her is a waste of energy and looks like living in a mind cage. It is like you are chained with somebody psychological.

Try to be a little bit Carefree, not negligence. Carefree is a rare characteristic that is found among only a few people.

In hard times, days, weeks and even months I try to remind myself that things will be changed and problems will be solved. All I need is a leap of faith that God will do his/her or their work and I must do mine.

Tough times are also the period of learning. Only in tough periods we are more focused and leave all other problems that are only in our mind.

Due to social media and reach of mass communication any incident can affect people living thousands of kilometres away from the incident location.

Be happy, meditate a little bit and have faith in God, nature and in yourself. Things will change and hard times flourish you more than good times. Be curious, try to solve your problems and change the statements (mindset) like “I can’t do it” to “how I can do it?”

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