Icebox Changes Leak In Valorant

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Icebox, undergoing reconstruction since its removal from the map pool in April 2023, is set to return with notable changes.

Riot Games, consistent with their map refiguring approach, aims to enhance consistency based on community feedback. However, the absence of updates on A site has raised eyebrows among the player base.

Icebox Changes Leak In Valorant

Leaked information from Twitter/X reveals alterations primarily focused on the map’s middle section, aiming to reduce hiding spots. These adjustments include new windows and alterations to storage containers.

  • Attacker Spawn:
    • Addition of a new storage container atop an existing one, providing a fresh angle to hold pushes from the middle of the map.
Icebox Changes A Attacker Spawn
  • B Site:
    • Transformation of the lane towards B site from the attacker side. The container that players used to crouch under has been elevated, altering the line of sight between defenders and attackers.
Icebox Changes B Attacker Spawn
  • Middle Tunnel:
    • Introduction of a window on the side of the tunnel overlooking the map’s middle. This allows defenders to anticipate approaching attackers.
Icebox Changes Middle Tunnel
  • Defender Tunnel:
    • Addition of a new window and set of boxes at the top of the tunnel on the defender side. The window above the snow pile now features enhanced protection from additional storage containers on the right side.
Icebox Changes Defender Tunnel


As the new Icebox update approaches, these leaked changes promise a refreshed gameplay experience with altered angles and enhanced visibility.

Notably, A site remains untouched, providing a balance between the familiar and the novel in Valorant’s evolving map pool.