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In this guide, we’ll walk you through HOW TO TURN ON SPATIAL AUDIO IN VALORANT, ensuring you don’t miss a beat of the action.

The gaming community is abuzz with excitement as Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 unfolds, bringing a wave of new features to enhance the player experience. One of the standout additions is spatial audio, a revolutionary feature that takes in-game sound immersion to a whole new level.


With the release of Episode 8 Act 1, Riot has introduced spatial audio as a game-changer for players seeking a heightened auditory experience. Follow these simple steps to activate spatial audio in Valorant:

Step 1: Adjust Speaker Configuration in Valorant Open Valorant’s audio settings and navigate to Speaker Configuration. Switch from Stereo to Auto-Detect to unlock the full potential of spatial audio, immersing yourself in a three-dimensional soundscape.

Step 2: Configure Spatial Audio in Windows Settings To fully embrace spatial audio, you’ll need to adjust your Windows settings. Follow these sub-steps:

  • a. Open the Sound control panel on your Windows system.
  • b. Right-click on your playback device and select Properties.
  • c. Navigate to the Spatial sound tab within the Properties menu.
  • d. Turn on the spatialization software and explore different spatial sound formats to find your preferred setting.

Disabling 3rd Party Spatialization

If you’ve previously enabled 3rd party spatialization or wish to troubleshoot any issues, follow these steps:

Step 1: Disable 3rd Party Spatialization in Windows

  • a. Open the Sound control panel in Windows.
  • b. Right-click on your playback device and select Properties.
  • c. Go to the Spatial sound tab.
  • d. Turn off any spatialization software currently active.

Note: Some peripherals come bundled with their manufacturer’s spatialization software. If this software activates spatial audio on your PC without appearing in the Sound control panel, you may need to manage it through the manufacturer’s software interface.

Step 2: Revert Valorant’s Speaker Configuration Open Valorant’s audio settings again and switch the Speaker Configuration back from Auto-Detect to Stereo, ensuring a seamless transition away from 3rd party spatialization.


Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 brings a refreshing update to the gaming world with the introduction of spatial audio. By following these straightforward steps, you can unlock a new dimension of sound immersion, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Dive into the world of Valorant with spatial audio activated, and let the immersive soundscape elevate your gameplay to unprecedented heights.