How To Stop Procrastination? Inside of a Procrastinator Mind

Hello friends, today while surfing Youtube, I came across a Ted Talks Video on Inside of a Procrastinator Mind. The Speaker of the video is Tim Urban. He speak for 15 minutes about Procrastination and why he got myriad emails with the same question like ‘I am a procrastinator too. ‘How to Stop Procrastination?’ and so on.

How to Stop Procrastination?

Procrastination means, “the act of putting off doing something that you should do till another day or time because you do not want to do it”. And every single human being suffers from it. Still, there are various successful people out there that overcome their procrastination and get success in life.

So, coming back to the real question, How to stop procrastination? Going in traditional ways there are various lists available online to stop procrastination. The list includes:

  1. Get organized
  2. Eliminate Distractions
  3. Prioritize
  4. Set Goals,
  5. Set Deadlines
  6. Take a Break
  7. Reward Yourself
  8. Hold Yourself Accountable

In my personal view, the list to stop procrastination doesn’t help much as we all are aware of such common things, but still, we are not able to do that. The problem is more deep-rooted. We need to clearly understand the root cause first.

Tim Urban Video on Ted Talk I found intriguing and realise that in every sense I am too a master procrastinator. According to Tim, the difference between the mind of a procrastinator and a rational decision-maker is very minute.

Inside every procrastinator’s mind, two people reside. One is a rational thinker and the second is a Monkey that needs instant gratification. A rational decision-maker will make the rational decision to do something productive. But our monkey mind doesn’t like that.

“Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly. We all have monkey minds”

The money doesn’t stop at anything. It has disturbed us all, while working it needs to see notifications on the phone. That notification takes you to watch a video, then you crave something because there are people eating something in that video. You order noodles and after eating them you suddenly start scrolling reels endlessly.

Monkey lives entirely in the present moment with an unawareness. He doesn’t have any knowledge of the past or future. He only cares about two things: EASY and FUN.

But rational decision-makers give us the ability to do things that animals can’t. For instance, we can visualize the future, set long-term plans, and see the big picture behind hard work and patience.

In short, we all have rational decision-makers as well as monkeys in our minds. The monkey takes the driver’s seat most of the time. But still, both monkey and rational thinkers agree sometimes. It is because sometimes it makes sense to do things that are easy and fun.

Coming back to our question, How to Stop Procrastination? Believe it or not, the procrastinator has a Guardian Angle too (according to Tim Urban).

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The Guardian Angel of Procrastinator- Panic Monster

The monkey is terrified of Panic Monster. He rose from the dead every time whenever there is a deadline that gets too close or there is a danger of public embarrassment or some scary consequence.

I have always wondered how a pro-procrastinator like me used to get up at 4 am in winter when we had to go to play. Also, whenever ever I had the responsibility of any function then I used to work like a pro without any ounce of tiredness.

Have you ever completed your holiday homework in the last week of 2 month’s holiday? Or complete a project in three days for which you got three months?

We all can have such kind of examples in our life that told us that we can also beat this procrastination and allow rational decision-makers to steer our mind wheel instead of a monkey.

At the end of the video, Tim explained that there are two types of procrastinators. One, that has some deadlines, and second, that doesn’t have deadlines. It can be related to career or life. For instance, we don’t set any deadlines- to meet our family; Go for running and keep continuing our exercise; learn new things; work out relationships, etc.

So, buckle up my friend and take a leap of faith and start working on yourself. You can set deadlines to complete your daily tasks, start small, and keep doing them. Use your Guardian Angel to help you.

Are Procrastinators Lazy?

Procrastination is often confused with laziness. but it is totally a myth. Procrastination is an active process- you choose to do something else instead of the task that you know you should be doing.

It simply means you choose something else over the task that needs to be done. In my experience people tends to turn towards their habit every time they hit any roadblocks or don’t feel to do new work.

A disciplined mind brings happiness


In last we want to say that don’t lose hope with small steps we all can reach our destination. Meditation is the key to bringing our monkey mind into disciplined.

Please share your thoughts in the comment box, on what you think people need to do to stop their procrastination. Or better if you have any story to share, please do it in the comment box. You can like and follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.