How To Score A Double Rank Up In Valorant

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Discovering the lesser-known phenomenon of the Double Rank Up In Valorant can be a game-changer for ambitious players.

While this concept might be unfamiliar, it holds the potential to propel you two ranks ahead with just a single victorious match. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this rare achievement and explore how you can make it happen.

What Is The Valorant Rank System

To grasp the essence of the Double Rank Up, it’s crucial to comprehend the nuances of the intricate Valorant Rank system.

A deep dive into the system’s mechanics, detailed in the “Valorant Rank System Explained: RR, MMR & More,” will provide you with the necessary background.

How To Score A Double Rank Up In Valorant

Double Rank Up is not a term frequently encountered in Valorant, but it signifies a remarkable feat. Achieving this status implies securing two ranks instead of the usual one with a single triumphant match.

The magic unfolds when consistent stellar performance, a high ACS, and an almost flawless win rate align.

Key Points about Double Rank Up:

  • The highest MMR range caps at 3 ranks.
  • A double rank up is guaranteed when your hidden MMR diverges significantly from your visible RR rank.

Imagine your hidden MMR hovering around Gold 1 while your visible rank remains Bronze 3. In your next rank-up game, the system adjusts by granting you a double rank up, effectively balancing the MMR and RR.

This extraordinary event is more likely during the launch of new Episodes when competitive ranks undergo a reset. Players may find themselves misplaced in brackets, leading to unbalanced games.

To counteract this, Valorant’s algorithm rewards exceptional players with double rank ups, aligning them with their rightful rank bracket.

How To Secure A Double Rank Up

Unlike a traditional roadmap, achieving a Double Rank Up requires breaking free from your usual performance limits. Embrace a mindset of consistent excellence, prioritizing a high ACS and maintaining an impressive win rate.

Valorant’s algorithm aims to synchronize your rank with your MMR, placing you in matches reflective of your true skill level.


The mystique of the Double Rank Up adds a layer of excitement to Valorant’s competitive landscape.

As you strive for this elusive achievement, remember that consistent top-tier performance is the key to unlocking the thrill of ascending two ranks in a single victorious battle.

In the utopia of competitive gaming, where skill is paramount, the memories forged in closely contested matches become the stuff of legend.