How To Hide Your Account Level In Valorant?

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Wondering how to keep your Valorant account level a secret? If you don’t want everyone to know about your gaming achievements, you might be curious about hiding your account level. Fortunately, Valorant has a simple way to do this if you want to keep it under wraps.

How To Hide Your Account Level In Valorant?

To hide your account level in Valorant, follow these easy steps while you’re in the game:

  • Head to the Collection section.
  • Click on the Player Card on the right.
  • Choose the Level Borders tab at the top.
  • Look for the option that says “Show my account level on my player card” at the bottom right. Uncheck this, and you’re all set.

Now, your account level won’t be visible over your banner during the lobby or on top of your player card in other situations.

Want to switch up your username? If you’re making changes to your account and fancy a new name, you can do that by altering your Riot ID, the name you use in all Riot games. Here’s how:

  • Visit your Riot Account page using this link.
  • Log in with your credentials if you’re not on your usual device.
  • Change both your Riot ID and tag to your liking.
  • Click Save Changes.

Remember, after changing your name, you’ll need to wait 90 days to do it for free again. If you want to change it sooner, there’s a $10 fee.