How to choose a suitable container Skeletal Trailer?

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Skeletal trailer is a semi-trailer type mainly used to transport containers. The goods or containers are placed on the frame and pulled by the tractor truck. Skeletal semi trailer has good bearing capacity and stability, and is widely used in cargo transportation and logistics industries.

The container skeletal trailer occupies a very important position in the tools for transporting containers. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable skeleton transport semi-trailer. First of all, when choosing a suitable container skeletal trailer, you need to consider its load capacity to meet the needs of transportation.

According to the size of the container and the weight of the goods to be transported, choose a semi-trailer with different axle numbers and sufficient strength and bearing capacity. Common skeleton semi-trailers have 2 axles, 3 axles, 20 feet and 40 feet.

Secondly, attention should be paid to the structural design of the container skeletal trailer for sale. A reasonable structural design will make the semi-trailer more stable and also make the transportation of containers safer.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to what material is used for the container skeletal trailer body, and secondly, the thickness of the material, and whether the welded structure is firm and reliable, because the tri axle skeleton trailer

It needs to bear the weight of the container and the vibration, impact and other forces during transportation, so the structure of the semi-trailer needs to have sufficient strength and rigidity. In addition, pay attention to whether the chassis structure of the semi-trailer is strong, for example, whether the semi-trailer has a good suspension system and braking system, and whether it can ensure driving stability and safety.

Since the container skeletal trailer price needs to be used to fix a very large container, the quality of the container twist lock used for fixing is very important. The container twist lock must have sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the container and the vibration and impact during transportation.

In addition, the container twist lock should undergo rigorous anti-rust treatment to improve its corrosion resistance and prolong its service life. Failure to do so will affect the ability of the twist locks to secure the container.

The most important thing is that the container twist lock should have a reliable locking mechanism to ensure that the container can be firmly fixed during the entire transportation, and will not be accidentally detached or loosened, so as to ensure the safety of cargo transportation.

The container twist lock of TITAN Vehicle’s skeleton semi-trailer has a reasonable structural design, which is convenient for operation and installation, and can be tightly connected with the container to ensure the stability and safety of the container. At the same time, the container twist lock can adapt to different sizes and types of containers, ensuring a perfect match with various containers.

Before choosing the specifications and configuration of the container skeletal trailer for sale, the actual use environment during transportation should also be considered. Different road conditions, climatic conditions and route requirements may have an impact on the performance and adaptability of the semi-trailer.

Therefore, the tire model, suspension system, etc. of the semi-trailer should be selected according to the transportation route and scene when purchasing. The commonly used tire models are 11R20.00 and 12R22.5, and the common suspension systems include mechanical suspension system and air suspension system. tri axle skeletal trailer.

Third, it needs to maintain stability under conditions such as high-speed driving and sharp turns, so the chassis structure needs to have good stability and handling performance. You can choose the most suitable configuration according to your transportation needs and local traffic regulations.

In addition to determining the specifications of the container skeletal trailer to be selected, it is a very wise choice to choose a skeleton semi-trailer produced by a well-known brand and a reputable manufacturer. This can ensure that the quality and performance of the semi-trailer is guaranteed, and the related after-sales service is also more reliable. For example, TITAN Vehicle from China, they are in the tri axle skeletal trailer

There is a lot of experience in the production of , in addition, there are various types of flatbed trailers to choose from. Feel free to contact their sales manager for more information about the brand and product quality before purchasing.

Finally, the skeletal semi trailer for sale requires frequent repairs and maintenance, so it is important to choose a design that is simple in structure and easy to repair and replace parts.

Therefore, choosing a suitable container skeletal trailer also needs to consider maintenance costs. In addition to the purchase price, the cost of fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and repair costs of the semi-trailer in daily use should also be considered.

Choosing a semi-trailer with better economic performance, easy maintenance and more convenient parts supply will help reduce operating costs.

For example, the skeletal semi trailer of TITAN Vehicle adopts a modular design, each part is very easy to replace, and many of their parts are selected from very famous brands to ensure the quality and service life of the parts, thus greatly reducing the loss frequency of parts replacement.

Therefore, choosing a suitable container skeletal trailer needs to comprehensively consider the load capacity, structural design, use environment, brand and quality, and maintenance costs.

Only after a comprehensive understanding of the needs and a reasonable comparison can the most suitable semi-trailer be purchased to provide efficient and safe guarantee for logistics transportation. Collect as much information as possible before buying, consult professionals, and fully consider your own actual situation to make a wise choice that suits you.

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