How To Add Clyde AI On Discord And Use It (Guide)

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In this article we will tell you about how to add clyde ai on discord and how to use clyde ai on discord.

If you’re eager to enhance your Discord Server’s capabilities, integrating Clyde AI is the way to go. For the uninitiated, Clyde AI is a remarkable Open AI Technology integration for Discord Servers, enabling anyone on the Server to interact with it seamlessly.

With features like discovering jokes, engaging in interactive games, and other communicative activities, Clyde AI holds tremendous potential. Let’s dive into the steps to add and effectively use Clyde AI on Discord.

How To Add Clyde AI On Discord

To begin with, it’s essential to know that Clyde is automatically installed on a Discord Server. As a Server Admin, you will receive a notification regarding Clyde’s arrival on your Server.

Although Clyde is still in the experimental phase with ongoing developments, the official release is on the horizon. Here’s a step-by-step guide for Server Admins to add Clyde AI when it’s officially released:

  • Head over to your Server Settings.
  • Click on Integrations in the Apps section.
  • Locate and enable Clyde AI from the list of available integrations.

How To Use Clyde AI On Discord

Engaging with Clyde AI is a breeze. To initiate a chat with Clyde, simply mention it using ‘@’ in the chatbox of your server. Whenever you want to communicate with Clyde, mention it in the message, and the AI will promptly respond as if it were your friend.

Moreover, Server Admins can personalize the Clyde AI experience by providing a Custom Backstory. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Access Server Settings and navigate to Clyde.
  • Add a captivating backstory for Clyde AI.

Once a backstory is added, other Server members will notice a Pencil icon next to Clyde. This feature enables non-admins to inquire about Clyde AI’s backstory and enjoy a unique interaction with it.

In conclusion, installing and using Clyde AI on Discord can significantly enhance your server’s user experience. Get ready to explore a world of exciting interactions and endless possibilities with Clyde AI’s integration.

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