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In this article you will find out various Links that have GTA Vice City Pc Download Game. GTA Vice City is an action adventure game from rockstar studios which was launched in may 13, 2002.

Vice City is the fourth Game in the Grand Theft Auto series, following 2001 Grand Theft Auto III, and the 6th instalment overall in the series.

Vice City is a critically acclaimed game from its release till now. The game is still selling, and it has a metacritic score of 95 out of 100. Vice City was the highest-rated PlayStation game of 2002.

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GTA Vice City Ratings

These are the various ratings that GTA Vice City has received from one of the most popular gaming review sites, which tell us how much people have liked or disliked the game according to various people’s ratings of the game on these sites.

  • Metacritic – 95/100
  • Allgame – 5/5
  • Edge – 8/10
  • Eurogamer – 10/10
  • Gameinformer – 10/10
  • Gamerevolution – 10/10
  • Gamespot – 9.6/10
  • IGN – 9.7/10

GTA Vice City Gameplay

GTA Vice City is an action adventure game in which you primarily control Tommy Vercetti, with whom you must complete numerous missions, objectives and scenario’s in Vice City.

In addition to being able to accomplish optional side objectives, the game’s open world allows players to explore freely.

The world is substantially bigger than previous instalments in the series, consisting of two main islands and a number of minor regions. As the plot develops, the player can access the islands.

In order to move around the game’s world, the player can run, leap, or operate a vehicle. To combat adversaries, the player uses melee strikes, weapons, and explosives. Guns like the Colt Python, an M60 machine gun, and a Minigun are among the arsenal.

The three-dimensional world of the game enables a first-person perspective while using the sniper rifle and rocket launcher for aim. In addition, the game’s fighting system enables sideways driving while engaging in drive-by shootings.

The player has access to a wide range of weapons in the game, which can be bought from nearby gun shops, discovered on the ground, taken from dead foes, or discovered across the city.

Auto-aim can be employed in battle to help you defeat your adversaries. In the event that the player is damaged, health pick-ups can be used to fully regenerate their health metre.

Body armour can be worn to protect against gunshot wounds and explosive damage, although doing so depletes it. When a player’s health is all gone, the game ends and they respawn in the closest hospital while also losing all of their money, armour, and weapons.

A “wanted” metre in the head-up display (HUD), which grows as the player commits more crimes, indicates if the game’s law enforcement authorities will intervene if the player commits crimes.

The meter’s stars show the player’s current level of wanted status, and the higher the level, the more aggressive law enforcement will be at the highest level, six stars, police helicopters and military forces swarm to lethally execute players.

Tommy encounters characters from several gangs throughout the game. While completing missions for various gangs, the player will frequently be defended by other gang members, while enemy gang members will recognise the player and shoot at first sight.

The player can take part in activities including a vigilante minigame, a firefighting activity, a paramedic service, and a taxi service while free roaming the game world. When these tasks are finished, the player receives context-specific rewards.

The player can buy a variety of properties spread out over the city as Tommy expands his criminal empire, some of which serve as extra hideouts where tools of the trade can be gathered and cars can be kept.

Additionally, a wide range of enterprises, including a pornographic film studio, a taxi service, and various nightclubs, are available for purchase.

Each commercial property has a number of goals associated with it, such as eradicating rivals or stealing equipment; after all missions are finished, the property starts to produce a consistent stream of cash that the player can access.

GTA Vice City Story

Tommy Vercetti, a mobster, is freed from jail in 1986 after serving a fifteen-year murder term. In order to build drug operations in the south, Tommy’s employer Sonny Forelli sends him to Vice City to supervise a significant cocaine deal alongside corrupt attorney Ken Rosenberg.

Tommy and Ken narrowly escape an ambush by unidentified assailants that disrupts the deal. Angered by the information, Sonny issues Tommy an order to retrieve the drugs and the money he provided him under threat of repercussions.

Ken directs Tommy to Juan Garcia Cortez, a retired army colonel who assisted in organising the exchange, in search of information. Cortez apologises for the ambush and vows to track down its planner.

In the course of his investigation, Tommy encounters a number of people who offer to assist him: music director Kent Paul, who has connections to the city’s criminal underworld; Lance Vance.

who participated in the deal but lost his brother in the ambush; Texan business tycoon Avery Carrington, who in exchange enlists Tommy’s assistance in a number of transactions; and drug lord Ricardo Diaz, who employs both Tommy and Lance.

Cortez eventually starts speculating that Diaz was behind the ambush. Lance learns this to be true through additional investigation and, against Tommy’s advise, attempts to kill Diaz, only to end up being captured.

The two are compelled to assassinate Diaz before he can respond after Tommy saves Lance. After Diaz’s death, Tommy assumes control of his assets and, on the advice of Avery, begins to build a new criminal enterprise by extorting firms to pay him protection money and purchasing virtually insolvent enterprises to serve as fronts for illegal activities.

Tommy also helps Cortez escape the city with stolen military hardware while helping a number of well-known gang leaders in the hopes that they will back his growth.

Sonny eventually learns that Tommy has taken full control of Vice City’s drug trade without interfering with the Forellis. Sonny sends mobsters to forcibly seize money from Tommy’s enterprises because he is upset about his independence.

In retaliation, Tommy murders Sonny’s guys and breaks off all contact with him. Later, when Tommy finds out that Sonny is coming to Vice City in person to get what he thinks he is owed, he gets ready to offer him tribute in the form of fake money.

But Sonny explains that he was the one who brought Tommy to justice fifteen years ago, and that Lance has betrayed him and joined forces with the Forellis because he feels unworthy in Tommy’s presence after Tommy’s ascent to power.

After a firefight breaks out in Tommy’s mansion, he kills Lance for betraying him and stops the Forellis from stealing his money before killing Sonny in a lengthy standoff.

Tommy swiftly convinces Ken that everything is now great when he arrives at a scene of carnage since he has finally succeeded in establishing himself as Vice City’s unchallenged crime lord.

GTA Vice City PC Download Game Free 2022

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GTA Vice City PC Download Game – Rockstar Games

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GTA Vice City PC Download Game – Wizcase

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GTA Vice City Pc Download Game – Screenshots

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