How To Get Frox Fangs In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK)

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Looking for ways to acquire Frox Fangs TOTK? Allow us to guide you through defeating the Frox miniboss and farming these valuable resources.

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, one can obtain Frox Fangs by triumphing over the Frox miniboss. Once you have progressed past the mid-game, farming these fangs becomes relatively effortless.

However, locating these enemies proves to be the true challenge. While the Frox frog is a common foe, you must venture into the depths to confront them.

Since the depths are vast and infested with formidable adversaries, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the precise whereabouts of this boss prior to entering.

To assist you in your quest, we will provide information on where to find the Frox enemies and how to defeat them in order to farm their fangs.

How To Obtain Frox Fangs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To obtain Frox Fangs, you must venture into the depths, traverse the chasms, and vanquish the Frox mini-bosses. Below are the locations where you can find them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK):

  • To the West of Amakawis (-2439, -3343, -0465)
  • East of Kawatik (-1531, -2929, -0752)
  • To the West of Mimufis (2827, -3261, -0527)
  • Northwest of Stakijat (0343, -1008, -0489)
  • East of Kawamit (1800, 1640, -0770)

In addition to these locations, you can explore the Gerudo Highland Depths and the Central Hyrule Depths. Alternatively, you may refer to this [location guide](insert link here) for more detailed information. Once you encounter this enemy, your objective is to defeat it.

Defeating Frox And Acquiring Fangs In TOTK

The Frox miniboss possesses two primary attacks, making it relatively straightforward to overcome. However, failing to exercise caution can result in significant damage. Here are the details of both its attacks and the appropriate countermeasures:

  • Body Slam: The Frox enemy propels itself into the air and forcefully slams its entire body onto you. Your course of action is to swiftly retreat, equip your bow, and aim for its eye when it is facing you. For enhanced accuracy, consider imbuing the arrow with an Octorok Eyeball.
  • Swallow Attack: The Frox will turn to face you, open its mouth, and attempt to draw you in with a powerful gust of wind. To counter this maneuver, fuse the arrow with a Bomb Flower and launch it directly into the Frox’s mouth. Once the explosive device detonates inside the Frox, ascend the creature and strike the crystals on its back using your most formidable weapons. If you possess a hammer, you can simultaneously target two crystals, hastening the depletion of its health.

Upon successfully defeating this enemy, it will yield not only Fangs but also Fingernails and Guts. These Frox Fangs can be employed to upgrade the Depths Armor Set or utilized as monster parts in elixirs. Furthermore, they can be combined with your weapons to augment their statistics.

Now armed with the knowledge of acquiring Frox Fangs, you can forge the mightiest weapons and concoct various elixirs to enhance your gameplay experience.