Earnbyvideo Review: Is Earnbyvideo Scam?

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Hi guys, many people get confused between genuine and scam websites. To make people aware of online job scams, we have launched a podcast, a complete anatomy of online job scams. Listen to this podcast and give your valuable feedback. Let us start our Earnbyvideo review.

If you have questions like is Earnbyvideo scam? or is Earnbyvideo legit? or is Earnbyvideo real or fake? Then Earnbyvideo review is here to solve your queries. One thing we all need to understand is that there is no such thing as easy money. Another similar site which is also a scam is Moneybyvideo. Both have the same theme and modus operandi.

But constantly working on your skill, craft, and knowledge, during the process the flow of money will ultimately become smooth but never easy.

Therefore, if any site or person tells you that earn money by watching videos without skill and knowledge is required, then it is a scam. Earnbyvideo is doing the same thing and by this rule, Earnbyvideo is a scam. Earnbyvideo is not legit and we are going to explain why it is so.

Why is Earnbyvideo Scam?

Whether a website is a scam or not, is based on various factors which we call red flags. These are fundamental points that are often found on scams or fake websites.

A. Easy Work, No Skill

It is important to understand that earning money without skill or knowledge is never easy or constant income. But websites like Earnbyvideo offer good money constantly and that too without using member’s skills or knowledge.

The easy work on Earnbyvideo is watching videos. We registered on this website and found that it offers two videos and a sign-up bonus of Rs. 50. There is no other work available.

B. Upgrade Package

A way to get member’s money is by offering them an upgrade. Scammers understand the desperation of people’s desire to earn money instantly. Therefore, sites like Earnbyvideo, offer them an easy way. Later they offer an upgrade to speed up their income.

Earnbyvideo offers different upgrades. For every degradation, the number of videos available to earn money and money linked with them will increase. It means, that instead of earning money on this site, people end up losing their money in degradation.

C. Referral Method

All websites offer a referral income to their members. The basic concept behind it is to let people bring more customers for their business and the company will incentivize them for their effort. But websites like Earnbyvideo are not genuine. They don’t have real work, service or business to earn income and then incentivize the people.

It simply means that the three-level referral method available on Earnbyvideo is not to help people earn money but for the company to get more people to scam.

D. Owner Information

Who owns a company is the very important information that people must look for. Nobody knows who owns Earnbyvideo.com. This company has not shared info about its employees and employers.

The point we want to raise is that scammers’ strength is they can hide their real identity. On Earnbyvideo also, its maker or operator is hiding and has not shared anything. This shows that transparency on Earnbyvideo is zero.

E. Social Media Account

Social Media platforms have become a must-place to be if any company want their digital marketing and presence to be viewed by people. Scammers usually don’t have any presence on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The reason is very simple, they don’t want to provide a platform where people can talk about their activities. If people start questioning these kinds of websites then they will not be able to sustain online for a longer period.

How Earnbyvideo Works? (as per the website itself)

“We’ve partnered with one of a kind video media merchant influencers to promote their content. Our platform simply promote the new product, media or social network with our users.

As our users complete video ads watched of particular VIP level section complete ads waching get counted and we get paid of which a small percentage is kept by EarnByVideo as commission and rest is given to you users in the form of Earning.

More the ads watching more becomes the reach and promot new product, media or social network and more Earning for users. Our platform is a medium between the sharer (our users) and merchant influencers.

So, by promoting the social media content we give our users huge profit and take a sma part of it as commission. This is indeed the easiest way to earn money as you simply have to watchign video ads of some social which is fun actually.”

Every word mentioned above is bogus and a hoax, as Earnbyvideo has no structure or plan to share profit or revenue with people.

Conclusion for Earnbyvideo

From our experience and work, we know that Earnbyvideo is a scam site. If this site is real then we would love to earn money for just watching the videos and work round the clock on this website. The problem is simple Earnbyvideo is not a legit or real website. It is fake which has come to scam people. Therefore, keep a good distance from this website and not use it.

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