Digital Marketing Trends for Melbourne SMBs to Stay Ahead in Competitive Landscape

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The digital marketing landscape in Melbourne, Australia, is changing significantly. With so many businesses coming forward and claiming the top, you may want to leverage the power of digital marketing. The omnipresence of companies is what is giving them a significant boost. It is important to note that not doing digital marketing can have a negative impact.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, your prime focus should be to utilise digital marketing trends. Around 30% of Google searches performed in Australia are location related. So, if you are very specific with the trends, the chances of staying ahead of your competition increases. However, you must stay updated with trends; no one better than BrandVillage can help you.

BrandVillage design agency has extensive experience in the Melbourne market. As experts in digital marketing, they implement the strategies carefully. As a result, they help small and medium-sized businesses stay ahead of their potential customers. With BrandVillage, you can harvest the power of digital marketing for extensive business growth.

2023 Trends for Fastest-Growing SMBs in Melbourne

Every year, some new digital marketing trends revolutionise the entire industry. Staying updated with the trends ensures that businesses get an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and bring their business success. Here are some of the trends that will ensure the fast growth of small and medium-sized businesses in Melbourne:

#Trend 1 – Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) for Different Product Experience

Virtual And Augmented Reality in the digital marketing sphere is here to stay. It is one of the most prominent ways to cater to your audience’s needs, which helps them find out how their life will be when they use the certain products.

With the help of AR and VR, you will be able to showcase your products to customers in an efficient manner. Customers can make purchase decisions more effectively as they get a closer look at the products.

#Trend 2 – Personalisation is the Key to be Visible

Customers no longer want to be lost in the crowd. They are now looking for personalisation. The customers now want their needs to be addressed specifically. Customers are always looking for personal information to engage with it efficiently.

They want everything to be tailored to them concerning data and market share. As long as customers gather accurate data about the customers, they will be able to cater to the market. Furthermore, personalised data can also help in getting accurate information.

#Trend 3 – Leveraging the Power of Long-Form Content

“Content is the king”- this is something we have all heard throughout our lives. Long-form content is one of the most reliable and authentic sources, for it aims to educate the customers rather than sell to them. Long-form content has always been a preference of the audience.

This is one of those trends that has been here and will be here for a long time. You build brand awareness by sharing auvthentic and informative long-form content.

#Trend 4 – Short-form Video Content

Long-form educational content is the king. Now, short-form video content is coming for the crown. The advent of Instagram Reels and TikTok has paved the way for the growth of short-form video content. Through short-form video content, brands can comprehensively educate their audience. Moreover, short-form video content also helps to hold the small attention span of the users.

#Trend 5 – Voice Search

In today’s competitive era, voice search is among the most critical elements. With the help of voice search, small businesses can easily stand out from their competitors. If you are available online, there are chances that your customer will want to find you via voice search. So, you must integrate your website for voice search.

#Trend 6 – Conversational AI

Conversational AI would revolve mostly around chatbots. Integrating chatbots into the website will play an essential role in addressing customer queries or even providing faster resolution to their problems. When you integrate chatbots into the website, you will not have to worry about your customers waiting.

The coming of ChatGPT is bringing a change across the conversational AI market. The State of Conversational Marketing report by Drift suggests that 42% of customers rely on chatbots and conversational AI for making purchases.


Digital marketing trends are changing rapidly with each passing day. As someone new to the industry, keeping up with these changing trends can be difficult. Moreover, knowing these trends can be equally difficult if you are not in the industry.

To counter this impact, you will need the help of experts who have been in this industry. BrandVillage is one of Melbourne’s leading marketing agencies that can significantly boost your small business.

With extensive knowledge in the industry, BrandVillage will help to optimize your business from time to time. The optimisations are done by the small business trends that can help your business grow in the long run. If you want to see your business move to heights, you will need the expertise of BrandVillage too.

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