Is Earning possible on Review website offers its members to earn online income by watching promotional videos. One of the most asked questions is that earning is possible on The answer is simple ‘no’. Nobody has ever earned on this website and nobody is going to.

In simple and plain language, is a scam website. It is not a single website, many websites have been already reviewed by us which you can see here. Earning online might look tough but it is not impossible.

Please don’t look for easy ways to earn online. It is because scam sites like this set trap when people look for ways to earn money easily. We are saying it from personal experience. If anything comes easily then it is not worthy.

In short, Dc-video .xyz is a scam website that has come only to scam people. It is not alone there are many websites already reviewed by us, you can see it in Promotion Video Scam Section.

It is wise to keep a distance from them. Also, be aware of the existence of such websites. Please like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Instagram for more updates on scam websites.

Why is Scam?

Old Trick of Promotion Money website offers money to watch promotional videos. The logic behind money distributed in such a way given by scammers is that instead of spending money on the publicity of the video, the company wants money to give direction to its members.

They claim that money that is kept aside for promotion is paid to people, therefore, their work is legit. The logic looks good but we have not seen any single person receive any money from such websites.

One can see that their money is increasing day by day after watching the videos but they cannot cash it out. It is the old trick used by scammers. The only difference is that the domain name and theme are changed from the scams that used to come earlier.

Referral Scam and other similar websites asked its member to make some first referrals to get their money which members earned while watching videos. First, not releasing the money which somebody earned is a crime. Second, no genuine website mixes two things.

Watching videos and making referrals should be dealt with separately. It is not a good argument to stop somebody’s income because they have not made any referrals.

Referrals are used to provide incentives to the customer or members. It is an additional income, not an excuse to stop people’s income.

The irony is that people understood it after getting scammed. Many people ask us can we help them to get their money. They even make 20 referrals which are required by the website. The reality is that not only us, nobody can help them to get their money. Only because the website is fake.

Owner Information

If giving job in such an easy manner as claimed by then we believe we should give this idea to our respective governments. If it is possible to earn income as described by this website then it can solve the unemployment income of our country.

Nobody knows who owns this website. Whoever owns site knows he/she is scamming people, therefore, they intentionally hide their information from others. They also guarded their info in WHOIS records. It is a trait commonly found on scam websites.

End Note is an online website that is a scam for sure. We have no doubt about it. Please keep a distance from such websites and never work here. Do not bring more people to it. Learn and understand their modus operandi and also make other people aware of their work.

Many people earn exponentially after some years, it is true. But the starting point of every successful person is the same i.e. zero. And Zero is the best place to start.

Please share this knowledge with others. This way you can help us to make people aware of common red flags found among scam websites. Any doubt about this website or others is more than welcome. Share your thoughts with us.

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