Maharastra: Cricketer Umesh Yadav Lost 44 Lacs in Property Scam

Umesh Yadav, an Indian fast bowler, was duped after a man named Shailesh Thackeray took 44 lakh rupees from him to purchase a property in his name but ended up doing the opposite and purchasing the property under his own name and disappearing.

A case has been filed against the con artist under IPC Sections 406 and 420.

According to police, veteran Indian pacer Umesh Yadav was allegedly defrauded of INR 44 Lacs by his friend-turned-manager while they were pretending to buy a plot in the latter’s name in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Umesh Yadav Was Defrauded by his Manager

According to a police official, Yadav had filed a complaint alleging Shailesh Thakre had cheated on him. Yadav’s friend turned manager Thakre (37) lives in Koradi and is a Koradi resident. There has not yet been an arrest.

Umesh was chosen for the Indian cricket team in 2014. The official stated citing the First Information Report that on July 15 of the same year, Yadav appointed his friend Thakre as his manager because the latter was unemployed (FIR).

“Over time, Thakre won Umesh Yadav’s confidence. He began managing all of Umesh Yadav’s financial matters. He used to take care of Yadav’s income tax, bank account, and other financial matters “said he.

The official informed Thakre that Umesh Yadav was looking for land to purchase in Nagpur.

“Thakre found a plot in a desolate place. Getting it would cost him Rs 44 lakh, he assured Yadav. Yadav made a 44 lakh rupee deposit in Thakre’s bank account. But Thakre bought the land in his name “said he.

When Umesh Yadav discovered the scam, he requested that Thakre transfer the plot in his name, but the latter refused. The official claimed that he also refused to return the money.

The official continued, ” Yadav filed a complaint with the police in Koradi, and as a result, a case was registered under sections 406 and 420 (Cheating and thereby dishonestly inducing delivery of property).”

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