Counter Strafing Valorant – Best Tips To Strafe Properly

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Hey, if you’re looking for information on how to be properly counter strafing valorant, then you’ve come to the right place.

Counter strafing is a technique used by many players in FPS (first person shooter) games that allows us to move and shoot precisely, but the mechanics in each of the games are different. So, the Counter strafing valorant is different to the counter strafing in CS:GO.

Counter strafing valorant is one of the useful skill you can use to improve your overall gameplay. It is important as it helps you to move and shoot precisely, and at the same time, makes it difficult for your enemy to shoot.

So, in this article you will get information about counter strafing valorant. If you are experiencing low frame rates in Valorant, checkout how to increase frame rates in Valorant

What Is Counter Strafing Valorant?

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Counter Strafing Valorant Screenshot By Wisdom Ganga

Counter strafing valorant is basically when you move and shoot with precision and have the first shot accuracy in the game.

Players use counter strafing techniques to have an advantage over the enemy. as it helps us to have the first shot accuracy while it is difficult to be killed as you are moving.

counter strafing valorant also helps us to know enemy positions without getting killed most of the time and to hold an angle. When we are attacking, it helps us clear spots and kill the enemy or reveal their position.

But it is not all you have to do. It is important to keep in mind when to use counter strafe valorant and not just use counter strafe in every situation.

How To Do Counter Strafing Valorant?

To do counter strafing valorant, you will have to understand the mechanics of the A and D keys on your keyboard. First go to the training area and select an AR. Move Left by pressing A and then stop and shoot and quickly press the Right key, which is D.

Move left and right but do not stop by hitting any movement keys before continuing in the other direction and try to rapidly shoot when you strafe.

During this counter strafing valorant drill, you might strive to aim for the same location to improve your aim for counter-strafing. and you should aim at how fast you can strafe while maintaining accuracy.

You can learn to use the counter strafing valroant quickly by turning off the movement error in the crosshair section of the valorant settings.

What movement errors do is that they allow the crosshair to expand when you move and shrink to its original position when you stop. This helps the player to know when he is moving and when he is stopping while shooting.

What Not to Do While Counter Strafing Valorant?

As I explained above in counter strafing valorant, you should do that and continuously practise it to improve your strafing technique and speed, but what you should not do while cross strafing valorant is explained below.

First in counter strafing valorant, don’t take too much time while strafing with A and D. If you do the AD quickly, it will be effective and make sense. If you are doing it slowly, it will not be effective as you will be damaged or killed most of the time while clearing spots or holding an angle.

The second thing in counter strafing valorant you shouldn’t do while counter strafing valorant is when you get the hang of quickly doing counter strafing, keep in mind that you are maintaining accuracy while you are stopping between the left and right movement.

The third thing while doing counter strafing valorant is not to spray between the left and right movement. When you strafe, you do it because you want to have the first shot accuracy mostly

And if you spray moving left and right, your bullets will be highly inaccurate and will be either on the ground or in the air, and you will end up making designs with your bullets.

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