Can RAM Increase FPS? Does RAM Really Affect FPS In Games?

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If you are unsure Can Ram Increases Fps then you have chosen the correct article. In this article, we’ll address the frequently posed subject of can ram increase fps.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary form of storage that helps us with immediate data storage and retrieval. RAM is significantly faster than a normal storage drive because it’s a short-term storage device.

Every device, including computers, laptops, smartphones running Android or iOS, Smart TVs, and many other computer-operated physical items, uses RAM because it enables us to keep data easily accessible so that your processor can handle important tasks without having to search for it in long-term storage.

For example, If you play video games frequently, you might put them on your desktop or in a quick-access folder so that you can access them quickly when you want to play. If you don’t play video games frequently, you might put games on drives with other files and folders.

Similar to that, when RAM stores data which is needed to be quickly accessed first and other things which are not used are stored in long hard drives or cloud storage.

So, now coming back to the main question, can RAM Increase FPS? Now to answer that, we have stated a few points in the article below. We have discussed Can Ram Improve FPS? And Does RAM Really Affect FPS In Games?

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Can RAM Increase FPS?

Can RAM Increase FPS image
Can RAM Increase FPS image

Before understanding more about RAM, if you don’t know about FPS, it stands for Frame Rates Per Second, which is how many images are shown per second.

Ram does increase some fps, but it’s not a major difference. If you really want to increase your fps, then instead of upgrading your RAM, you should upgrade to a good graphics card.

Ram will only use the amount of storage it needs. For example, if a game needs only 8 GB of RAM and you have 32 GB of RAM, it will not be going to SkyRocket your FPS as the game only needs 8 GB to function properly.

Every game has its own specifications for how much RAM is needed to run it. For example, the minimum RAM you need to run GTA San Andreas requires 256 MB of RAM, but for playing GTA 5, you need at least 4 GB of RAM.

In addition, you can change the graphics in the game from low to medium to high specifications. which can have an impact on RAM consumption, as low RAM consumption may be low, but high RAM consumption may be high. 

So you should have the optimal ram for what you’re doing, such as video editing or gaming, and the question shouldn’t be “Can RAM Increase FPS,” but rather “How much RAM do you need to function properly?”.


A good amount of RAM can boost your frame rate to some extent, and it varies from game to game and from the different graphic settings of the game and of the PC you are using.

If you are a hardcore gamer and play high-graphic intensive games, then you must have a high amount of RAM to run them properly and a good PC configuration along with it.

Find out what games you are planning to run and check their system configuration according to that to see if your system is capable of running them. As Ram will not solely increase your fps if you have optimal ram for that already.

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