Review: Pathetic Support and Service [2022]

Hello, welcome to Bigrock Reviews. If you thinking to buy Bigrock service then read this article before you make any decision about it. review is written from the customer experience and point of view.

We are using Bigrock for the last 3-4 years. We faced many issues with service earlier as well but we neglected those faults as problems are bound to come as nothing is perfect.

But now Bigrock is testing their customer patience by cheating them. We are writing this article because Bigrock is cheating its customer by creating problems for their customer and then providing them solutions with an upgrade plan. It is like creating a vaccine and then sending the virus to market in order to sell the vaccine.

We are writing this Review to explain our issue and the pathetic support service BigRock have. Also, there is no one available on the Bigrock that will solve our query answer our questions and solve our problem.

We also writing this Bigrock review to put our words out as there is nobody who will listen to our grievance in Bigrock. They all are just busy putting the blame on customers and selling them new plans by creating problems for them.

The Recent Issue: Bigrock Reviews

Around 29-30th August 2022 Bigrock changes our Cloud Hosting Server under ‘maintenance’. After that problems start happening. Our website going down again and again. When we contacted the support the support doesn’t have any knowledge. They are salespeople disguised as a support team.

Bigrock support doesn’t understand their customer grievance and they never take responsibility for their own fault. Bigrock support knows only two solutions to every problem:

A. Put the blame on the Customer without understanding that the problem started from their end (when they changed our server.)

B. Buy new and upgraded plans.

We faced problems for one week while we were in talks with the Bigrock support team. All team members have the same script to tell us that the fault is from your side, our servers were good.

They mentioned that since your Cloud hosting is not able to take the load that is why your site is going down. Support said your website is taking high hits and that is why this kind of error is happening. Also, they asked us to optimise our website.

Then we reached out to our developer and other developers to solve our issue. All of them had the same opinion that your website is perfectly optimized and the problem is from server ends.

The Bigrock support was very insensitive they push us again to buy VPS. So, we contacted Bigrock support and ask for the pricing. We also share our issue with the sales team and the sales team told us that they checked with support and the problem is from the server end only. So they asked us to wait for 2-3 days.

The Problems with Support: Bigrock Reviews

A. They did not accept their fault.

B. Keep pushing to buy VPS.

C. They keep saying the load is high on your website and it is taking more hits which is why the site going down. Then we asked one simple question again and again that is before they change our server, the website was working fine and the load was high at that time also.

But Bigrock support is of no use, even raising the ticket and escalating the issue doesn’t work for us.

At last, we accepted our defeat and opted for VPS because we have to run our website, and we had already lost much business in one week. We contacted the sales to buy VPS.

The VPS is more expensive than cloud hosting. Even their standard plan is way more expensive than cloud hosting. After considering everything we opted to change our server.

What we feel at that time is that Bigrock is cheating us, they forcefully made us buy their VPS hosting. We opted for VPS standard plan. They give very less hard disk space under it but it was large enough for our website.

What happened after buying VPS?

In VPS, a person has to buy CPanel which cost way more than VPS. The cost of Cpanel is very high. Also, when we checked our server panel we found that 60% of our SSD disk space is consumed by Cpanel and all, which Bigrock didn’t explain to us earlier. So, now in reality we have only 40% space disk to launch our website.

Also, even opting for VPS we face another time-down error and when we contacted Bigrock Support what they explained is that Sir, your website is taking hits please optimized it. The same kind of reason they gave us when we have cloud hosting.

The reason to opt for VPS is to doesn’t have any time down the error and they are saying the same thing. Now, we have lost our patience and that is why we writing Bigrock Review to put out our grievance as nobody in this company has any conscience.

Whoever is leading the Bigrock, he/she is doing very bad work. As their support is pathetic. We feel cheated even after buying their VPS service.

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